Apple iOS 8.2 is now seeding to devices worldwide

09 March, 2015
The new firmware from Cupertino brings official support for Apple Watch to the mobile platform.

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  • Akg

Ricky, 24 Mar 2015Rear camera on my iPhone 5S has stopped working after 8.2 update... moreI have the same pr0b did u get it fixed plj tell me

  • makmak

after update ios 8.2 i can't post a video on can i solve this problem of mine.

  • Owhoro

Can't recharge cos sim application disappear after update of iOS 8.2

  • Ricky

Rear camera on my iPhone 5S has stopped working after 8.2 update and front cam also works after 10 attempts.. This is crappiest update I have seen and the worse part there is no help at Apple forums, really frustrated..

  • Irfan

Rear Camera of my iphone 5 is not functioning after I updated to ios 8.2

  • iforce

after updating to ios 8.2.. my phone always shows no sim card.

  • AnonD-377290

how to downgrade ios in iphone 4s

  • Katie

Everything crashes, I have no space left, and it's slow. I delete apps, music, pictures and I still have 0 gb. I delete apps that crash and try to redownload them and it says I don't have enough storage.

  • AnonD-376610

Extremely cheesed off my phone has been like this for 2 days now every app is freezing iMessage is going crazy I'm sick of it I hope this problem is resolved soon as it will result in my phone being thrown straight out of my car window

  • AnonD-376600

I have the iPhone 5s and I thought my phone was just tripping but then I realized it was the update before updating my phone I had 2.4 gb left now it says I'm at 0 bytes and I keep deleting apps and pictures and I'm still at 0 bytes my apps keep crashing and I can't even look at my pictures or change my wallpaper. I can't use my camer or view videos from my friends snapchat stories because I keep getting notifications saying My storage is almost full. I can't use Facebook/messenger or yahoo either it said error can't load to refresh it and I refresh it and the same thin pops up the biggest problem I have is with my txt nd kik!! It says my txt are sending and when people reply it still says they are sending and when I double click and get rid of it and reopen it my txt are deleted and sometimes I dont even get txt or when I press send my txt dissapere so I don't know if they got sent or deleted or what!! Not being able to txt or receive txt is really irritating and frustrating just everything about this update and my phone is pissing me off I want to like throw it! Does anyone know if restarting my phone will fix this problem?! Help 😩!

  • Yatot

Tintin, 15 Mar 2015My rear camera also is not working 😢😭Me also my rear camera is not functioning

  • AGB

After updating to ios 8.2 my facebook is not working properly especially when im using 4g data and not wifi

  • iforce

after updating to ios 8.2.. my phone always shows no sim card.

  • Anonymous

I'm an iPhone 5c user, and since I updated my phone to IOS 8.2, my rear camera doesn't seem to work. I have noticed there are a number of cases of people having issues with their rear camera on their phone. I have transferred all of my photos to my laptop, deleted all photos from my phone and have restarted my phone several times. Still, my rear camera does not work.

By the way, the new update is pointless. I do not have an Apple watch, there fore there is no reason for me to have another useless app on my phone. I also have a few friends that have issues with opening other apps such as Facebook and connecting to certain wifi spots/areas.

I have researched a lot to see if other people have issues with the IOS 8.2 update as well - I see I'm not the only one.

Please please please create a new efficient, useful and reliable IOS update or please explain how to find the answer to all our problems. I can't afford to always find issues in every update I get.

  • Anonymous

Since 8.2 My Facebook on iPad 4 will not open. I've tried the common fixes but no luck. Everything else seems to work. Facebook will not open.

  • Tintin

pinoy, 14 Mar 2015rear camera not working after updating ios 8.2 :(My rear camera also is not working 😢😭

  • frustrated

updated to ios 8.2, all kinds of issues, dont even know where to begin. apps freeze, wont open, random incoming message alerts yet no message really came in..., phone storage at full capacity, but I cleared everything, ahhhhh....

  • pinoy

rear camera not working after updating ios 8.2 :(

  • Javaid Sofia

i m having a problem with back camera ... And video player.. It sticks and crashes some times... Tell me when Apple is going to release the next update.. To fix all this

  • AnonD-374393

Hey, update IOS 8.2 on IPhone 4S its really faster as IOS 7. Don't wait for negative feedbacks. Since two days my IPhone really fast and no issues on battery.

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