Rugged Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 goes official

11 March, 2015
Samsung outs a new Galaxy Xcover 3 rugged smartphone with MIL-STD 810G and IP67 certifications.

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  • Mr.Khutso

I've been using the cover 3 for 3 years now and initially the ram got full quickly but now I know how to handle it. iys still the best phone for me or anyone who treats a phone like a phone and not like a baby.
I do my email, edit my work stuff and do my research and social networking on it, doesnt freeze or stall, if you know how to clear its memory. only problem is the battery... it could last longer.

  • luggy

my xcover 3 lasted 5 days and has not been seen since, 3 weeks later the phone is still not ready to be picked up, and that is in europe!

  • XcoverUser00x

The Xcover2 was a failure for the most of its ordinary users, because the working RAM was always full and the battery life was sort of like low.
I fixed it by installing a Vanir AOSP in to it and after that, mainly the problems were gone.
2-core cpu handles everything quite ok, for my not-so-enthusiastic taste and I give Xcover2 somewhat 7/10 rating.
Cannot wait to get my hands on the Xcover3...

  • RAMO

Your all full of Bull,

3 years now on my xcover 2 and I love it. No insurance plan I own it outright, dropped it 600 times even in the toilet. Checks emails, updates facbum, takes all right pictures. What more do you want. look at porn on the PC guys.
I am buying the xcover 3 right now. That's right. Buying it for 170 pounds sterling = 3 more years... Yes please.
some peopleneed there heads examining

  • John Smith

This phone already came out 4 years ago as the Samsung Rugby Smart.

  • Darkflame

This phone appeals to the users of Xcover 2.
I am an Xcover 2 user and I would have changed the phone if it had these specs. The built quality of the xcover series is incredible and worth the money. I will for sure buy this phone!

  • AnonD-349743

You guys are bluffing. You don't understand the reasoning behind the mid range specs.

For 1: This is built for longevity, not maintaining alpha flagship status.

For 2: Would you rather them make it as expensive as the S6? Thought so.


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2015Bullshit phone,with low spec. I think Samsung is thinkin... moregr8 b8 m8

  • zuko235

lol at The Trolls

The important stuff here is 1.5 GB Ram 8GB Internal Space
the Average Joe who would be buying this device wont care about any of the tech vomit i can see here
they want an average camera average screen average speed and the need the memory boost from previous Xcover lines and of course good battery and a durable phone

  • AnonD-373879

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2015Bullshit phone,with low spec. I think Samsung is thinkin... moreBunch of Taiwanese and Chinese companies that can't even make a decent computer screen... how are you comparing them with Samsung? Get lost troll.

  • Chaitanya

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2015Oh come on samsung atlest qHD.Battery life is an important aspect on these rugged devices, due to which low resolution screen and other components are selected. when using these devices outdoor most of the time reception of cellular network is going to iffy hence maximising battery life by choosing components that need lower power is important.

  • AnonD-251095

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2015Bullshit phone,with low spec. I think Samsung is thinkin... moreSo this has the latest technology in protection for those who require it, rather than a super fast cpu and a giant screen. Not every company offers such an option you see ?
You trolls need to get a life.

  • Anonymous

Oh come on samsung atlest qHD.

  • AnonD-244086

hah, 11 Mar 2015"rugged" .. is no excuse for using old i havee samsung galaxy xcover(1)

  • Anonymous

Bullshit phone,with low spec.

I think Samsung is thinking we all r the idoits, who don't know about latest technology. GUys Samsung few phone is good, but not every phone,(Pls try Asus, Lenovo, Xiaomi etc.)company phones, because they are making excellent mobile in less price than Samsung.


  • Anonymous

hah, 11 Mar 2015"rugged" .. is no excuse for using old tech.well, in a round about way it might be, though not in a way that applicable to consumer level phones. Ultra high tech, bleeding edge stuff tends to be more fragile and sensitive than stuff that's been around long enough for us to figure out how to make it not break when you sneeze at it. Hence physical buttons over capacitive ones on touch screens and so on.

Then there's also the fact that I believe the Xcover range is meant to be a cheaper alternative to the Sx Active range, so users cheaper-to-source parts, which are usually older spec.

  • fab

i do NOT understand a samsung J model. which is useless. many other cheaper and better phones out there. but i can understand an Xcover 3 because there aren't many other worldwide available phones like that. and then next better one is currently an S5 active. Samsung will announce sooner or rather later an S6 active for those who want better performance. but this xcover 3 has absolutely a reason to be here. i only hope it won't cost more than 250 euros. that would make no sense as an S4 active is cheaper and better...

  • Brad666

best phone for people who wants adventure

  • hah

"rugged" .. is no excuse for using old tech.

  • Aziz

Surely another good gesture in samsung line up.....