LG Nexus 5 is no longer available from Google

11 March, 2015
The search giant quietly took its 2013 flagship smartphone off its online store’s shelves.

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  • roop

LG Google nexus was better than moto in terms of after sales service in India . Moto service sucks.

  • Anonymous

Wow. Very disappointed. Have been trying to buy the Nexus 5 for months, but it was always out of stock. Nexus 6 is way too pricy. #bringnexus5back

  • Sad Times

RIP Nexus 5. Truly great phone, especially for the price.

  • Noel

I was hoping Google and Motorola will release the Moto X with a bigger battery (GPe) as a remedy to the Nexus 6 which many consider a little too big.

  • Anonymous

Most beautiful Nexus-LG
Big fail Nexus 6 (Motorola)

  • Nono

Nexus 5 is the best android phone i ever used

  • Anonymous

Veronica, 12 Mar 2015I think it's not only too big, it's not good enough compared wit... moreAmoled screen costs more to manufacture

  • Anonymous

AnonD-246216, 12 Mar 2015Nooo! I was saving up since 2013 to buy one. :(Buy a one plus one then ;)

  • Gallopavo

I liked my Nexus S, hate my Nexus 4..last google phone I will ever buy

  • AnonD-315435

Yesterday Android users are disappointed with Moto E 2nd Gen. Many low end users mainly from Asia are very disappointed.
Now this flagship smartphone high end users are disappointed.
Next with Moto X and G ? Lets get ready to see downfall of market share market share.

  • AnonD-259899

Wouldn't be missed but the nexus 6 is too expensive and doesn't deliver value for the asking price on any front be it camera, battery life etc. There are equivalents or better in the market for the same price envelope. Maybe if they slashed 200 USD off the base price to begin with nexus 6 will start picking up sales.

  • Nilesh

That was really stupid on part of LG/ Google. They've should've done what Apple did with the iPhones by having two different screen sizes, like they're doing with the Apple Watch. Google should've re-approached LG to update & improve the specs in terms of the battery (the battery size/ capacity), the front & rear cams (cameras), the processor, the RAM, the design maybe if they were to re-do the whole Nexus 5 & make it look completely different & name it the Nexus 5S as somebody else suggested in one of their comments/ in their comment for/ about this article, & maybe even make it possible for the Nexus 5S to have a microSD card slot which they would've then included as a part of the Nexus 6 & the Nexus 9 as well (!!!!).

  • thecalmcritic

ZXcorr, 12 Mar 2015Will there be a successor? Nexus 6 is too big for me.There will be but screen size are still unclear at this point.

  • AnonD-50665

They r planning to launch 2 fones dis year one cheap nd one expensive by huavei nd lg respectively

  • ZXcorr

Will there be a successor? Nexus 6 is too big for me.

  • Veronica

AnonD-246216, 12 Mar 2015So you're not acknowledging the Nexus 6 as the actual successor ... moreI think it's not only too big, it's not good enough compared with other flagships for the same price, I don't even mention the cheaper AMOLED screen wich burns in to fast.

  • Kiwi

AnonD-129510, 12 Mar 2015I smell a nexus 5s is cooking... Yep. So do I.

  • kj

LG might be busy manufacturing next nexus...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-129510, 12 Mar 2015I smell a nexus 5s is cooking... Firesale pls

  • AnonD-129510

I smell a nexus 5s is cooking...