The Galaxy S6 Swiss pre-orders 4x higher than Galaxy S5's

12 March, 2015
Since its unveiling on March 1, the Samsung Galaxy S6 duo has enjoyed a great deal of attention.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2015Well, samsung are never going to sell as much as iphone tha... moreOf course apple sold 10 million iphones. But that is not because it is a great phone, it is because apple buyers only had a choice between iphone6 and iphone 6 plus. The numbers are therefore skewed..... However for Samsung buyers there is a whole range of choices between the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and other lower end phones and therefore the number of phones sold in one particular model will be lower.....I you really want to compare which is #1, then look at the total phone sales....

  • AnonD-374539

S6 and s6 edge are both beautiful..deserves to be successful.I used s4 and s5 for over a period 3 years. Hardly ever open the back cover to replace battery or swap sd cards in and out and i never get my phone none of these features will be missed. Beautiful design and titanic specs are much more welcome. Well done sammy..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2015Well, samsung are never going to sell as much as iphone tha... more"iphone are the best build smartphone"

Hahaha, you mean iPhones have the extra features such as grip-to-kill-reception, and DIY bendable screens?

Wake-up dude, what are u smoking!?

  • Reliable Russian

George, 13 Mar 2015No waterproof? just take a waterproof case...there are so... moreYou're completely missing the point of using sd cards here, man. They're swappable (useful for people who own 2 or more devices with sd card expandability) and cheaper. Way cheaper.

  • Anonymous

Well, samsung are never going to sell as much as iphone that sold 10 millions in just 3 days! iphone are the best build smartphone, that's why it number 1 in world. :)

  • Anonymous

Altake, 13 Mar 2015Samsung fanboy detectedIts not detected. Its 100% confirmed. Why samsung copy iphone. Lol

  • Altake

George, 13 Mar 2015No waterproof? just take a waterproof case...there are so... moreSamsung fanboy detected

  • Anonymous

George, 13 Mar 2015No waterproof? just take a waterproof case...there are so... moreWell said, George.

from 100 to 400?

  • Anonymous

George, 13 Mar 2015No waterproof? just take a waterproof case...there are so... moreI almost total agree with you,although you forgot about an awesome camera too :) (it looks like it will be their best one and the best in the smartphone market), with the exception of the sd card slot, yes it has faster memory but the price difference to micro sd cards is outrageous, and honestly I have an 32gb micro sd on my note 3 and I don't notice the speed difference to the internal memory

  • Yola

I Love Samsung but cannot wait for the new Samsung S6, I am getting myself one

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]when connecting to a PC you need to install software to get your photo's or send over MP3's with that crappy I phone of yours. I phone is for people who cant think and only are led by marketing...............

  • noname

i never used waterprofe on mobile. So i dont think i will miss this function. Anyway i think it is the most stylish samsung in many years. I heard from one Iphone fan that S6 is even better than iphone :) so i think it is a big step for samsung.

But many people is right. There is nothing special with specs, just metal cover and gorilla glass 4.

But in other hand what do you expect from phone? I think 7-10 years ago no one imagined that such phones can be :) I still remember my first mobile Philips Diga. check google and compare to Samsung S6 :)

  • boo

Useless don’t have even a usb type c contact

  • George

No waterproof?
just take a waterproof case...there are so many cases out there so if want that option is not a big deal...

No SD Card?
Galaxy S6 using new tech like SSD so...the internal memory is like x10 faster than the normal cd card...even the faster sd card it has nothing to do with the internal memory speed that Galaxy S6 is using

No removable battery?
what to do a removable battery when Galaxy s6 Have the Faster Charging in the industry? Seriously...why people are crying???
If you are able to charge your phone so fast +you have the wireless charging option here...what to do a replacement battery?

And for those who says that Galaxy S6 is not so special..
- First Samsung phone with 64bit processor
- Best Processor by FAR in the market. Exynos 7420 blow away every single processor out there...Benchmark are not lying.
- Display? what i can say here? Best Display in the industry. 75% more pixels that Galaxy s5? Insane!
- Memory 3GB DDR4 - ye DDR4!!!
- Internal Memory - 32gb, 64gb, 128gb and i will say it again...faster memory speed in the has nothing to do with the SD CARDS.
- Design - Metal frame that is 50% stronger than any metal phone + Gorilla Glass 4

So for my opinion this is the best phone out there!

  • Contract

sammy, 13 Mar 2015I am a Samsung fan, always had Samsung phone, but I am not ... moreThe phone is expensive but less than a iPhone6.

This is a Samsung iPhone and what you have to accept is you can't expect to pay the same price for a Samsung phone with the same specs made in "plastic"

This phone will take sales away from Apple for those who dislike Samsung for NOT using using 'premium materials'

Whilst I love Samsung I will NOT buy a Samsung made iPhone, the S6 is superior to the IPhone6 in EVERY DEPARTMENT

Are Apple worried as they are releasing the iWatch on the same day 10/04/2015?
You can't use the iWatch with a Samsung

It's really make your mind up but 18 hours, I think this will be the envy for iPhone owners considering you get 118Gb cloud free for 2 year

Love it but won't buy it

Is pretty orders the same as registering your interest? Because I don't seem to be all I see on most sites

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2015So much hatred against Samsung. Let's wait for sales to see... moreHaters gonna hate. hehe

  • Anonymous

The best Phone Ever

  • AnonD-338467

AnonD-354090, 13 Mar 2015No water resistant like S5, no micro SD card like S5, no re... moreCommon wake-up like what your nick name suggested. Apple iPhone was not the first smartphone with metal body.