The Galaxy S6 Swiss pre-orders 4x higher than Galaxy S5's

12 March, 2015
Since its unveiling on March 1, the Samsung Galaxy S6 duo has enjoyed a great deal of attention.

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  • Anonymous

This is more about numbers. The Swiss, makers of true premium watches, are voicing their objection to Apple's Made in China knock off by buying true premium Samsung phones.

  • AnonD-272813

She hates sammy, she would go to iphone, but the next day I found ou that she put her iphone in her bags and use sammy all day long -.-

  • Anonymous

Lol still with the shipped vs sales, and preorders tricks. These are preorders by resellers, not customers and not necessarily equal to actual sales.

  • Guardia Civil

I think people who are IFanBoys should jealous more because they cannot accept that S6 series are better than their Iphone's (hardware + design) just accept it GUYS! Samsung Rules "Next is Now!" "Iphone is past"

Anyone with even a bit of brain knows preorders =/ sales.
Also there is a business for preorders....

  • AnonD-79616

Shutup and take my money!
Seriously though, it is all thinks to the hawt jade green S6 Edge.