T-Mobile to house HTC Touch HD2 and HTC Touch2

02 October, 2009
The HTC HD2 seems to be making headlines every day now. This time the 4.3-inch monster teases us through a T-Mobile poster and we finally got to know it's full name - the Touch HD2. HTC Touch 2 will also be...

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  • Anonymous

I've had it a month and i hate it.
shocking: battery life, screen invisible in sunlight, typing slow and error ridden, confusing interfaces, if you read messages in inbox mode the text and tiny and cannot be resized. Browsing slow, occasional freezing, have to hit it to get screen to rotate, battery runs down overnight. This is not the future of phones. Luckily its a work freebee, but so annoying and clunky to use, never sure when its online or not, cant use a stylus with it, so a nightmare when browsing, try and click a button on a webpage, no chance... ITS RUBBISH !!

  • Dan

"..the HD2 was promoted by the original Windows Mobile 6.5 menu, while here in the T-Mobile ad we see the HTC's TouchFLO UI"

The HTC Touch HD2 has both - TouchFlo is the main UI and then when you go into the main menu you get the new Windows Mobile 6.5 menu.


  • JLC

Does anyone know if youll be able to get this through phones 4 u any time soon??

  • JLC

Does anyone know if youll be able to get this through phones 4 u any time soon??

  • DaMan

Pocketnow.com has some really good vids on youtube with some of the latest versions of Touch FLO 3D. You should check them out.

  • asdf

Who said this will be coming to U.S? Hoping is right Europe gets all the nice phones..

  • Anonymous

The square icons are meant as short cuts to applications , contacts ,etc

THe TF3D shown is the new 2.5 version and is available with many ROMS in forum-xda.

Any way its so nice to hear that it will be available in the US too.

  • hoping!

please please let this be t-mobile USA.. Why does Europe gets all the good phones!!

  • Naush

USA or UK ... i've been waiting for the htc hero to come to the US which hasnt happened then i've been waiting for the blackberry 9700 but dont know if it's coming to USA now this HD2. sucks it's winmo6.5 and not android 1.6

  • Anonymous

quit it with those freaking first second and third crap! no one gives a crap! either post something about htc hd2 or shut up!

  • iphonePhilo


Who likes this HTC?

  • Step666

Those squares are shortcuts - anyone using cooked 6.5 ROMs that use the newest version of TouchFlo already know this.

Also, can someone please ban the morons who post things like 'first' and 'second'?

  • sangamo


  • ozzie

yay first comment!

  • Tech-King

First time 'First' in 4 yrs!!! Yipeee...

  • sangam

first isa