Galaxy Note edge gets Android 5.0.1 Lollipop OTA in India

14 March, 2015
Packaged in a 1.04 GB file via OTA, the Lollipop update brings flatter design and system-wide tweaks.

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  • techie123

Recently updated to marshmallow.. after update 2 major problems existed.
1) phone suddenly restarts on its own. . Until u remove battery and put it again. .
2) battery drains very fast. Once you restart your phone 20% of baterry decreases.

  • Prady

shaurya, 20 Apr 2016i just received marshmallow update on note edge. please check yo... moreWhat was the size of new firmware bro???

  • shaurya

i just received marshmallow update on note edge. please check yours too...

  • Gautam

In india only we r not getting regular update on higher version. battery to stop purchase higher version geget from samsung.

  • AnonD-437378

AnonD-190409, 15 Mar 2015Sorry, but I can't just wait for June 24, 2015 for Note 4 N910G ... moredont trust with samsung

  • AnonD-485965

AnonD-8543, 14 Mar 2015I updated yesterday. Thr are a no of changes in the Look and F... morehi, May i know which version of lollipop is unning on ur note edge device?
even im also a note edge user.

  • AnonD-485965

Robin, 15 Mar 2015i am using note edge but i cant see any update.....Hi bro...Have you received lollipop 5.1.1 on ur device?Een im also a note edge user...just wanted to check with you

  • AnonD-485965

Hi, i bought galaxy note edge on Dec 08-2015 and till now i dint get lollipop 5.1.1 which is latest version of lollipop(while samsung has announced that note edge would be receiving Android M in Feb-2016). Any idea on this?

  • gharmanshu

I updated my note edge some days before. No it is not performing well. Bettry is decreasing very soon. 15% in an hour when even i was not using the ohone. It is the worst update samsung made. And aftr downloading 325 mb of data its not even 5.1 till now. What the hell.

Fix the issues as soon as possible

  • Raj

One of the worst experience I am having with note 4 with regard to battery draining and performance. I should have brought a iPhone instead of Samsung note

  • RoyalMav

I deed some research (and experiments on Stock 5.1.1 released for Australia) and found that the current 5.0.1 and the Aus 5.1.1 does not support the current LTE sims available in the indian market. Is samsung working on this? Any update guys?

  • Rajdeep

Ranjan, 15 Nov 2015Received 300+ odd MB as an update few days back and it turned ou... moreI agree with you fully. This app is useless and it has been forced upon us.When I sent My device, it still shows 5.0.1 version.

  • Ranjan

Received 300+ odd MB as an update few days back and it turned out to be my worst nightmare
** I received an app called samrt manager provider which is not at all smart and no way is saving my battery
** Keyboard is acting weird.. It has slowed down considerably
** Phone is getting a bit heated up than usual
** Battery is draining quite fast. It came down to 79% in one hour while reading TOI and whatsapping. It was not happening at this rate before

WHERE IS 5.1.1 ? My phone still shows 5.0.1.
I have a SM-N915G model

I am feeling really sad.

  • AnonD-465832

with this latest 325 mb update i can c lot of lags in my phone it started to heat up is making me sad and sadder lost all hopes on samsung.the keypad types 2 times if i press one key..battery drains in ultra powersaving mode too...wat is going on samsung..i curse myself that i baught your junk for a dam high price.i will never buy samsungs trash phone comes samsung forget its old phones..there is anndroid marshmallow in market and we dont even have 5.1.1 samsung and samsungs team is a big cheater.. people be careful next time before you buy

  • AnonD-465832

worst updatte ever

  • AnonD-77945

I'm struggling with the same battery and performance issue after update. On a closer look I can see system_server hogging the cpu constantly which is an android process and one very difficult to track down why it's doing that.

  • Sam

Installed the latest update yesterday but still shows as 5.0.1. The change log info stated battery optimization and performance improvements among a few others but only change noticed was the inclusion of 'Smart Manager' app to optimize battery, Storage, RAM & Security. Very basic app with not so great features, Clean Master does a far better job.

Big downside to this update is a very noticeable battery drain even when in standby mode. Any one know what's causing this? Any suggestions?

  • Harin

Just updated... no changes... states battery optimisation but its turned worser than before

  • Kapul

Recently got update of about 325mb but version show 5.0.1

  • AnonD-437378

when available 5.1.1 in note 4 910g in india