Meizu m1 note arrives in Malaysia this week

16 March, 2015
The affordable 5.5-inch phablet packs respectable hardware at an affordable price.

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  • AnonD-377925

after a day or two, the output sound/volume cannot be heard. OK after a reboot so it appears to be a software problem.

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-229682

GSMarena, eagerly awaiting for your review. Initially was gonna this phone, but people started complaining about different aspects-heating issues, loading periods, spots on the screen-need your authenticity to buy this phone or to give alternatives in the same price range.
I am from India

  • zikri

htc fan, 16 Mar 2015Doesn't support lte band7 2600Mhz used by most telcos in Malaysia.Actually 1800mhz (band 3) already been implemented by Maxis and Celcom. So LTE only for Maxis and Celcom...

For Digi only in Penang can get LTE based on 1800mhz...

  • AnonD-339865

Please don't believe those negative comments.. i own it and its amazing..sure the speaker is weak but the rest is fu$%#ing awesome! this is definitely the cheapest yet powerful phone ever guys.

  • Dude

This one's already available here in the Philippines since last week.

  • AnonD-309267

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2015Good luck people. I just bought this phone in Hong Kong, this... morewhy not just have it replaced then?

AnonD-357266, 16 Mar 2015more expensive the price compare of china price !!! Not talking of Meizu Russia. It's been always very greedy. m1 note cost $260 for 16GB and $290 for 32GB.

  • RAJ

same as micromax yu yureka phone but yu snapdragan it was media tec

  • Anonymous

Good luck people.

I just bought this phone in Hong Kong, this phone has serious quality issues. Similar with other user reports, the sim slot is loose, the screen has yellowish spots, the ear jack gives static noise, the phone volume is low, random stain on the back cover, and the FlyOS is buggy, you can't even load candy crush with it.

It is all over the Meizu forums, if you say don't expect from a phone that is $120, then I have nothing to say.

  • AnonD-357266

more expensive the price compare of china price !!!

  • kerplunk

Xiaomi Mi3 more better than this one in term of processor,gpu,sound,build quality,OS...

Also both MX4 Pro and m1 note arrived to Russia today. Will be available for perorders and free sale since tomorrow.

  • Freedom

please what of some people from nigeria how will we get our own bcos i have been following the phone till now it came out. and i need someone to help me translate the price in dollars.

  • AnonD-355928


  • and..

AnonD-72853, 16 Mar 2015iPad Mini 2 vs. m1 note I feel like my body is splitting apart...dont Ipad

  • AnonD-356455

Any chance for India?

  • AnonD-72853

iPad Mini 2 vs. m1 note

I feel like my body is splitting apart...

  • AnonD-361638

Good mobile in this price range.

  • pol

got mine two days ago. my only complain is that it gets hot easily other than that it is really value for your money