Sony pushes Android 5.0 Lollipop for Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact

16 March, 2015
The Lollipop update will first arrive for Nordic and Baltic regions, following that to other countries in two weeks.

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  • Ed

AnonD-179772, 20 May 2015I went back to kitkat. For me it turned a nice Sony interface in... moreHow did you reboot it to its original firmware? Kitkat ran way better and my z3 compact has been near horrible to use since update to lollipop :( email:

  • SRK

Im now working in Muscat and didn't Receive Android Lollipop update for my Xperia Z3 Compact and all other LG,Samsung devices got it. I think Sony is fooling us or any one can confirm when it will be comming?

  • AnonD-179772

I went back to kitkat. For me it turned a nice Sony interface into a bog standard android one. Battery life was a lot worse and my phone got far hotter during use too. It was harder to access settings. Kitkat runs like a dream on this phone. 5.1 might be better but I'm using the firmware the phone first came with. It's very reliable. Not had to reboot in over a week.

  • Ritz

No lollipop so far for z3c in UAE. has any one rcvd 5.0 for z3 or z3c in UAE

  • boss julz

theres a shop for update of Android 5.0 Lollipop at batha in riyadh... near sony outlet...

  • z3 love

Lollipop literally screwed my z3!!! Guys please don't trying to find a way back to kitkat...please someone help me

  • Waqar Aslam

any update for Lollipop for Middle east.
i am living in Dubai, waiting for Upgrading to Lollipop.

please release also for Sony Xperia Z!!!

  • glugglug

Still no lollipop for Xperia Z1, atleast I am still awaiting.

  • goldiesub

i have updated my Z1 compact and only challenge is with video Streaming through site's as it takes lots of time to start and consume lots of data.

  • VivXpCoZ3

I updated my Z3 Compact to 5.0 2 days ago and it drains my battery life. Almost 10% for a few hours without using it. Previously 'twas only 1%. Very annoying.

  • jegan

sony z1 ?

  • sin

AnonD-269749, 08 Apr 2015I already installed lollipop update yesterday on my Z2 so guys i... morez2 lollipop update in U.A.E?

Z2 already installed but still waiting for my Z3 dual. (KSA)

  • AnonD-269749

I already installed lollipop update yesterday on my Z2 so guys its already released.... --- SNK ( DUBAI-UAE )

  • AnonD-269749

i got my lollipop update yesterday for my z2 so its already released - snk ( dubai-uae )

  • Rick

I installed the Sony Lollipop push 2 days ago, and my battery life has gone away... OS is consuming 33% of battery... I don't get a day out of it anymore...

  • AnonD-323413

Could you explain what just happened with your android L update.
M using z3c and the is working perfectly okay with 4.4

  • AnonD-305169

brother z3 is father of all xperia mobiles...everything is perfect perfect and perfect.....

  • Anonymous

raj, 21 Mar 2015what about z phone??? It will get update or not???? Yes it will

  • himanshu

waiting for lolipop.