More official renders of Sony Xperia Z4 make the rounds online

16 March, 2015
The successor of Sony Xperia Z3 is expected to make its debut at some point this summer.

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  • AnonD-378392

These are just updates of the z series so dont expect much change its like software updates v 1.0 has bug and then they release 1.1 with reduced bugs.Technology can never come to an end.They just upgrade!!!

  • light

Kenboi, 17 Mar 2015I hope the new Z4 will have an improved battery life over the Z3... morepeople need light and long life battery, both important.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2015"Why fix something that aint broken" Because is borin... moreEeehhh??? nonsense comment!

  • Anonymous

Smile, 18 Mar 2015Why fix something that aint broken?? There are many people ou... more"Why fix something that aint broken"
Because is boring have the same device over and over again.why should i buy z7 if is exactly like z1?

  • Smile

Jason, 17 Mar 2015I hope it's still waterproof.Ooooooh. SO this is Sammy Fanboy, hoping ..

Hahaha this is not Samsung, Sony will never drop waterproofing in its flagship, rather they are bringing it to more phones, midrane phones as well M2 Aqua, M4 aqua

  • Smile

AnonD-354090, 17 Mar 2015I'll give 500 euros for someone who can spot diferrences between... moreWhy fix something that aint broken??

There are many people out there who really like the design (me), so it doesnt matter whether other people (YOU) like it or not

  • AnonD-183132

Yo, 17 Mar 2015Take into account that the S6 was released after the Z3, so Sony... moreSony dont need to polish the lens, they just need to polish the image processing software, its always the weak point of Sony's phone, other manufacturer using the same sensor can produce better image quality, why?

  • AnonD-183132

DaveHilts, 18 Mar 2015No SD card slot? Can't see any cover for SD card. Looks like the... moreits enough for both sim + sd card. u can check huawei honor 6 dual sim version, 2 sims + sd card under 1 cover....

  • erripuka

One of the reason for delay new bond movie.....

  • roger the builder :)

looks exactly the same as the Z3,Z2,Z1,Z, sony ericsson K750i, Walkman W580i and every other sony phone made to date... heard this one is bullet proof now because of the amount of crime going on in the world though ? is this true ?

  • DaveHilts

No SD card slot? Can't see any cover for SD card. Looks like the only cover would be large enough for the SIM card?

  • AnonD-357627

There are always two things. If it isn't this, it is that. SOME people will always find the negative of something regardless if it has a great positive. E.g. Right . So you got a perfect partner with the appearance and personality, but you complain that he/she doesn't have the money.

If Sony changes the design language, SOME MIGHT complain that the new design language is terrible than the old one and they shouldn't have done replacing the old design language when it works well.

If Sony doesn't change the design language, SOME will complain that it's the same poop and it's boring when it works well.

I think Sony didn't change the design language because IN GENERAL because it works PRETTY well and there is nothing to change about. Although that there is a possibility that a new design language will be better than the old one, it is unlikely to happen most of the time.

So why fix what isn't broken?

Sometimes in life we don't see the function of an object; instead, we see the form. Just like in a love life, SOME go after the appearance other than the personality.

I have no problems, just my two cents.

  • Pluto

This is a wonderful design. Omni-balance has always been a strong point for Sony. I hope the Z4 and Z4 Compact has an IR blaster and software features that other phone don't have and better battery life of course. what the heck is that hole for near the usb port?

  • true

SDKforLumia, 17 Mar 2015I don't like what I see! Sony should have really thought a desi... moreyou ryt... its always the same design n how will people tell the difference of the xperias.. its always tht round camera n thts All to see at the back... i want people to its a z4 n not think its a low phone of the xperia family lyk the m2 aqua.

  • Anonymous

I`m pretty sure the second port on the bottom is a USB 3 Type C port. If that is correct, you may be wondering why would they also put the standard mini usb port along side? Well, the European Union charging standard is still mini USB for now, so until all the manufacturers agree to change the mini USB for the USB Type C, the only way to put the new USB format on the phone is to also include the standard mini USB, for now.

  • Anonymous

Guess the Mike could be in the usb port, and the other port could be bass reflex and lanyard in one. Lol

  • Anonymous

Duh, that mystery port on the bottom must be the lower mic right?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-341972, 17 Mar 2015It seems that the "mistery port" on the bottom is the ... moreThink it could be some sort of mini bass reflex port?

  • SDKforLumia

I don't like what I see!
Sony should have really thought a design change this time, because they have over-played this Xperia Z design way too much. I was seriously hoping for a new design with a new camera, a bigger battery and a smaller foot print for that 5.2 inches screen. Disappointed again. Only and last hope is now LG G4. I really wish they do something completely out of the box this time. Lets see.
Also having high hopes for Microsoft Lumia 740 upgrades and their Flagship for the year 2015

  • JFlo

I want to know if Sony support will still be around 2 years from now. Last I heard they laid off hundreds of employees from their mobile division, i expect something from sony to take a dive...