The Xolo Q1001 is a 5-inch smartphone for $100

17 March, 2015
The affordable device will retail in India for INR 6,199, comes with modest hardware.

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  • edgar

Why is this in my cards..irrelevant piece of crap.

  • jessica

No thanks I rather get moto e or moto g way better specs.

  • Sparsh

Never buy a phone of Xolo having 4GB of RAM. If will always show memory shortage. Better buy 8GB internal memory phone. I have Xolo q600s and its a good phone overall but that 4gb internal.. It creates problem

  • Anonymous

H H, 17 Mar 2015nice looking phone nice job done by company and we are indians w... moreYou mean Indian brokers? zauba says they are importing it for Rs 3,600. Only 12,000 pieces have been imported. Apparently, very few wants to something that's less than half of a Redmi 2.

  • H H

nice job done done by the company killer looking phone keep it up :-)

  • H H

nice looking phone nice job done by company and we are indians we should sport our indian brands and my frient have a xolo q1010 mobile which he was using it for more than one year and i also used it and i felt it was a beast keep it up xolo...... :-)

  • AnonD-368539

Why Xolo has made such low end phone so many a times ..? If they are to survive this competition they should try to offer some high end specification phone with a lower price .. Eg: 5" ,2GB/16GB RAM/RoM,Full HD ,13MP ,5MP camera 3000 mah battery and price it around 13-14500/-

  • AnonD-376087

nice joke
if you pay 800rs(12.75usd) more you get HD screen, 1gb, 8gb, timely update on either Xiaomi redmi s2 or Lenovo a 6000.

  • Liauw

No LTE and 512MB RAM for $100?? Even here in Indonesia we have LTE phone with Snapdragon 410 and 1GB RAM for just $90 lol

  • No Fan Boy...!

Add another Rs.900 and you can buy Lenovo A6000 & Xiaomi Redmi 2S...which are way better than this crap...!

  • rakin

Riju, 17 Mar 2015Front looks very much like the Xperia SP.this is not like xperia SP

  • ashish

now xolo has started copying Xperia's design seriously. it doesn't stand a chance against moto e which cost inr 5999

  • AnonD-376008

Better to go with lenovo A6000 hd screen 1gb ram 4g 1k extra

  • AnonD-357689

AnonD-3689, 17 Mar 2015Superb phone$130 and get a Xiaomi Redmi 2

  • Riju

Front looks very much like the Xperia SP.

  • hmph

Pretty cheap

  • AnonD-3689

Superb phone