Microsoft Lumia 640 XL to get more powerful hardware in China

17 March, 2015
The China version of the handset will have a quad-core CPU and 2GB of RAM.

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  • jacob jimmy

I bought a lumia 640 xl about 2 years ago.When i bought it was windows 8 and i updated to windows10 , but now my phone have no software because i have not used the updates.
Not only that my hardware have also gone...
now i have to buy a new phone.This is a huge mistake made by microsoft. Just because i didn't update my phone the hardware and software is gone.

  • hari....

I'm waiting for this mobile ( more than 6 month end)... When I I'll getting this mobile in India....

  • Akram Tahir

It is best solution to upgrade lumia 640 xl to windows 10. I hope it will be available in Pakistan too.

  • Tony stark

So, please release these modified model in all countries

  • snakebell satheesh

plz bring to these divice in india

  • pramod

why not india

  • Buddy Pace

Love the windows phone. Been using the 925 for about 4 years. Please make sure the camera is as good on the 640 or better. The 635 was not a hit because of the camera. Please seen me an email 📧 and let me know where and when I can get this 640.


Buddy Pace

  • AnonD-386233

whn it il release in india??

  • AnonD-93570

Launching date of dis??

good for china but not for europe , why the diference ??
why no camera button ?
why on/off button not on the upper side instead of richt site
why not the same camera for the lumia 640 ???13 mpix ?????

  • basha

rizzz, 19 Mar 2015It could be an intel atom processorits aasum

  • rizzz

It could be an intel atom processor

  • AnonD-105577

2gb ram for china only, you can aldo provide 2gb ram in india, why Chinese are getting updated phones???

  • AnonD-372222

Dont u people think its again about
U S vs China hehe the Lumia is doing smthing like
Lumia 640 1 gig vs Lumia 640 2 gig and i think in my whole little life i hv never seen any model of mobile with two different specs that too in terms of RAM and processor .Where is this Brand leading us upto - Hope everything wud be genuine My Holy lordships

  • AnonD-245608

Guys , this may be a new lumia device which have specs like lumia 640 XL.

  • Johny Burns

It will be Atom x7, 4 cores

  • Anonymous

rizzz, 17 Mar 2015It could be an intel atom processorif true 1st intel mobile phone w win10

  • Anonymous

What could the Chinese do that need more RAM?

  • rizzz

It could be an intel atom processor

  • OSagnostic

I would think processor speed is a typo (should be 1.2 like other Lumia 640). Could have more RAM but again could be an error.