Nexus 5 is getting Android 5.1 Lollipop as an OTA update

19 March, 2015
Measuring 220.7 MB, the Lollipop OTA update brings Device Protection, Wi-Fi enhancements and other tweaks.

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  • Harsh

still no update for nexus 5 at ahmedabad
i won't buy google products again.

  • shiva

Not received ota update android 5.1 lollipop for nexus 5 India

  • Anonymous

No update for my Nexus 5 in Italy..

  • whenimgone

fyi nothing in Bulgaria and Romania

  • rahul

i am not sure about clear framework data may be this or may be not

  • Degh

Nothing in Egypt .. Can we still do the clear framework data workaround

  • tejaspan

still no ota for nexus 5, 5.1, Pune, Maharashtra, India

  • Anonymous

Nothing in Brazil! Still waiting!

  • atik

tejaspan, 20 Mar 2015No update of 5.1 nexus 5, puneStill waiting for update 5.1(Dhaka) for nex5

  • Harsh

no update at ahmedabad

  • sandimraka

still waiting for 5.1 in Croatia

  • tushar

No update here in chandigarh, india

  • srinitheultimate

Still no update on chennai

  • Anonymous

no nexus 5.1 update for n6 in pune

  • adrian

is the OTA 5.1 reach Malaysia yet?

  • rock

Not yet in bangalore

  • Anonymous

Waiting ota 5.1

  • Anonymous

Dont worry, you will get your update, but it might take a afew more days. Google OTA updates are sloe at first, only like 1 to 5 percent devices are updated in first days. And I think its not region based, but mostly random. My Nexus 5 is not yet updated too

  • Anonymous

audio slave, 20 Mar 2015got the ios update on my Nexus 5...ios update on nexus 5 wow now thats we call a big news

  • audio slave

got the ios update on my Nexus 5...