LG India confirms Android 5.0 Lollipop for G2 in Q2

22 March, 2015
LG pushed the Lollipop update for the G2 in South Korea in mid-January.

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  • AnonD-398547

Lollipop update for lg g2 is available in india via pc suite. Plz check. I updated yesterday and it works like a charm ☺

  • Hari

AnonD-265906, 18 May 2015Hello frnds.. lg india tweets lg g2 lollipop update coming ... moreLG G2 Lollipop is available

Dear Customer,
The LG have now started rolling out V5 Lollipop Software Upgrade on LG G2 D802 that are also available via LG Mobile Support tool available at www.lg.com/in.
Updation can be Followed by Online WebUpgradation/Updation Process i.e LG mobile Support tool for update via Pc
Before trying for upgrades have some precautions as follows:-
(a) Internet Connectivity speed should be high without occurring any discontinuity through out of the procedure (Strictly Do not try it on Average or Poor Speed) Note:-Internet speed be measured at the rate of data transfer on downloading mode not on Status of Internet connection.
(b) Battery Status should be more than 90% level.
(c) Take Backups of Required Phone's Internal memory saved data like Contacts , Messages, Applications, memos etc (You may try Backup procedure with backup applications from play store like Super backup etc Or by inbuilt application "LG Backup".)
(d) Power failure shouldn't be Occurred if so possibilities have Power backup under consideration.
For having Updation, Visit our Official Website
Under Product Support ]Download]Software Update & Drivers, Step 1 & Step 2 are provided for downloading driver & Tool
Also Mobile shouldn't be connected with PC before starting Step(A).
(A)First install the usb driver Provided in Step 1. & wait until the pops up come installed successfully.
(B)Run & Open LG Mobile Support Tool provided in Step 2 & then Click on "options" tab]Country & language] select "india" as Country (if mobile phone purchased from India otherwise select country from where it was purchased/belonged ) & language "english" (correspondence to country like India).
(C)Now connect the Mobile With PC via USB on "MTP Sync" of USB Connection method Pops up .After then again number of Drivers goes Downloaded n Installed automatically (Note :-"You have to wait until all of the drivers goes installed successfully")
So when "Start Updating" gets highlighted , Click on it then continue the procedure by clicking on "Next","continue" or "ok" pops up therafter a new update windows would comes on with four steps i.e analysis]download]update]complete . which once get started & entering into 3rd step "update" Stage you have to continue it anyhow without failure of removing usb cable/battery (ignore such any pop ups if it ask even so) from the phone until it reaches on complete stage.
Please Note:- Incomplete/Unsuccessful Updation procedure would damage the Phone Software, So be Careful while following this Steps.

Please rate us on the response you received from us by clicking the link below

For any further assistance please call us on 1800-180-9999 / or write to us at [www.lg.com/india]
Earnestly soliciting your patronage and assuring you of our valuable services at all times.

Thanks and Regards
LG Service

  • AnonD-265906

Hello frnds.. lg india tweets lg g2 lollipop update coming before 28 may...

  • Anonymous

Lg.....g2.......lollipop....wr r u,,,

  • AnonD-247817

Yesterday I updated to official Lollipop 5.0.2 in India, wow this is the best stable version I could say. Butter smooth, no issues found till now. Everything working perfect. Love the update very much. BTW it was not an OTA update. FYI, I flashed the UK version D80230B KDZ.

  • vampire

Still waiting for the lollipop for the g2 in india...when are you lg guys are gonna update..give a specific date

  • Ellu darling

Lg g2 from upto not yet updated latest lalipop software os plz solve my problem I'm not satisfaction of kit Kat

  • Rajkumar

having LG G Pro2 and still waiting for lollipop update in india.. It is already updated in korea and UK almost 2 months back....
LG...How much more time to wait?

  • Anonymous

I got G2 and G3. The battery of G3 is a nightmare , cant make full day with one charge in 3g . LG should give 5.1 to G2 already . They updated the Korean version and the people are happy with the update. Like they got local market only LOL! Aint gonna buy LG phone again. G4 or G7 lol . I hope they are reading ghe comments here

  • AnonD-374711

vampire, 23 Mar 2015Even galaxy s4 got 5.0.1....whats happening lg ...y so dela... moreDelay in favor of the customer to correct some of the mistakes in the new version and perhaps get version 5.1 and the best

Version 4.4.2 is very excellent in the battery why there are no problems of urgency to the device.

  • vampire

Even galaxy s4 got 5.0.1....whats happening lg ...y so delay to update g2

  • s2911

ya no need to up date im with y

  • jimmy

Hope they release 5.1 this time for G2

  • Anonymous

lg2user2020, 23 Mar 2015I use LG G2, I don't see any reason why to update the softw... moregood

  • lg2user2020

I use LG G2, I don't see any reason why to update the software. My LG G2 runs smooth, functional, and the main thing is Battery rocks. So THERE IS NO REASON for me to update.

  • AnonD-222770

I hope they update the G2 Mini at the same time.

  • Anonymous

Ganesh Muthiah, 22 Mar 2015The LG g3 lollipop update itself has issue, why LG is worki... moreYou can decide not to update your G2. It's easy. XD.

AnonD-59657, 22 Mar 2015Good job LG. Shame on HTC for not updating the older dev... moreThe m7 already got updated about 2/3 weeks ago


Ganesh Muthiah, 22 Mar 2015The LG g3 lollipop update itself has issue, why LG is worki... moreOh god yes. Thank you for saying this.
My 16GB G3 is running 5.0 and its sluggish as hell. Battery life also dropped in mine.
I don't mind if they update the G2, so long as they give their flagship the priority it deserves.

LG when u will send updates for UAE users.