LG India confirms Android 5.0 Lollipop for G2 in Q2

22 March, 2015
LG pushed the Lollipop update for the G2 in South Korea in mid-January.

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  • Anonymous

At last

  • Ganesh Muthiah

The LG g3 lollipop update itself has issue, why LG is working for LG G2 ? the G3 has major battery issue after the update, and this is reported by all users, and also the OS gets sluggish on the 16 GB, 2 GB ram version.

Please dont update to 5.0 for LG G2

  • AnonD-359093

My HTC one m7 has been rocking lollipop for 2weeks now and it's smooth as butter

  • AnonD-377951

When the android lollipop update will come in India for LG OPTIMUS G PRO E985?

  • Sandeep

Proud to be Indian Lg G2 user. For Announcing to world G2 will get LL.

  • Iskander

G2 User, 22 Mar 2015You know what? LG can give us 4.4.4 in q2,and after 2 years... moreTell me, please, how many 2013 flagship phones already received the Android 5.0 update? Galaxy S4? Experia Z? HTC One?

The Galaxy S4 only recently is seeing updates in some area's, same for the 2013 version of the HTC One. LG's G2 saw it's first update 2 months earlier, albeit only in Korea. Also, LG was one of the first to update it's 2014 flagship to Android 5.0.

  • Anonymous

and I will be back when LG not using cracking plastic in their future device, I'm ok with their laggy UI:b

  • Anonymous

some just have no patience...

  • AnonD-368930

Please,give me your thoughts about the Kitkat update?
Because I'm still on JellyBean and I'm satisfied with it but I need to update because many apps work only on Kitkat.
So give me feedback about the update in terms of battery drain mainly and If the updates like 20c or so fixed that problem of the battery??
Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2015Same, in some with LG.I'm done*

  • AnonD-377909

LG such as bad ass he said expandable up to 32 GB
but that's not really.
everything memory use by ram memory 4GB
your sd use for photos & videos " not for app "
next generation NO need smart phone like that
LG you have to strongly think about that.
"before buying LG think about that"

  • Anonymous

G2 User, 22 Mar 2015You know what? LG can give us 4.4.4 in q2,and after 2 years... moreSame, in some with LG.

  • enren

ive already flashed cloudyg2 on my g2 which is based from g3's kitkat rom, i also tried CM's. cant wait for lp

  • AnonD-59657

Good job LG.

Shame on HTC for not updating the older devices like One (M7) and OneMax despite paying premium for your overpriced devices!

  • Haris

Great job lg... 😘

  • G2 User

You know what? LG can give us 4.4.4 in q2,and after 2 years when there is android 6 or 7 ,the can give us 5 LOL.For me personally never LG again !!!

Next Tweet: Oops, we meant G5

  • Anonymous

G2, 22 Mar 2015LG You are Great :)Not really. I had Lollipop since last year November on my G2. Which OEMs were as fast with their updates as CM is.

  • Anonymous


  • G2

LG You are Great :)