Leaked roadmap shows Meizu's plans for Lollipop updates

23 March, 2015
All of the company's recent smartphones are set to run Android 5.0, according to the document.

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  • 27 Mar 2015

Release dates of Android 5.0 as per official meizu blog.

April 28 MX4 Pro
April 28 MX4
By the end of May MX3
By the end of May MX2
By the end of June Meizu M1
By the end of June Meizu M1 note


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    • AnonD-378531
    • iX0
    • 24 Mar 2015

    Thats a exciting news.perfect,meizu

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      • AnonD-378513
      • 6ca
      • 24 Mar 2015

      cmon man, I've been waiting this for months,I hope they will release it on time. I have battery life problem with current flyme version with MX4 :(

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        • AnonD-59657
        • uC3
        • 23 Mar 2015

        Great job Meizu,
        Shame on HTC for failing to update older flagship devices such as One (M7) and OneMax!

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          • Anonymous
          • 39m
          • 23 Mar 2015

          This is why I bought a meizu mx pro, my last phone from LG didnt recive a singe update in to years al tho it was a flagship device when new - Lg Optimus Vu. NEVER BUYING LG AGAIN!

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            • AnonD-376219
            • ajT
            • 23 Mar 2015

            MX4 Pro is probably the best phone 2014/2015. Its $379 on oppomart.