AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Note 4 receives Lollipop update

24 March, 2015
This carrier's version of Samsung's flagship phablet is finally getting the new software today.

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  • Anonymous

Madkat97, 26 Mar 2015Downloaded the AT&T Note 4 update twice. Has failed to insta... moreSame Situation. tried two times, failed both times.

  • VIP

I want to aware you about the security setup of android 5.0 lolipop that there is no any function to enable data connection while locked screen in case of forgotten password or password recovery. Due to which the users might be facing hard problems to do so or in case of device is locked they can't recover their password through registered mail. So please make some essestial changes earliest to remove this problem. I will be very thankfull.

  • Anonymous

Madkat97, 26 Mar 2015Downloaded the AT&T Note 4 update twice. Has failed to insta... moreI'm having the same issue

  • Aku

SM-N910C... When is it coming to me

  • Aku

SM-N910C when does it reach to me... Not yet here

  • johnagelo

downloading 975mb update now *note 4 , Greece :D

  • AnonD-379322

Upgraded to 5.0.1. ran for a day. Wouldn't call it smooth.

Download speed was decent. Upgrade process was decent after a few reboot.

Then came the first problem, the Note4 will reboot itself when continuously complaining about a few basic system service error. I didn't have a chance to do anything about it and the Note4 will reboot and trying to recover itself.

I think the the upgrade process is re-trying to download the few faulty services it was complaining. As after a few self-reboot, the error message frequency was diminishing.

However, it got stuck on the Google Play Service Error as it was trying to update it through the normal Google play store. But, continue to fail as if the server was down. While the Note4 continue to reboot itself trying to recover and re-try to upgrade the Google Play service. That went on for about 4 hours.

finally, I turn it off manually as the Note4 start running too hot, when I check the CPU temperature, it was reaching 180 degrees.

I let the Note4 sit for a while and turn it back on and finally, after few more reboot itself, the Google Play Service finally was updated properly via the normal Google Store update.

By then the Note4 started to run vary hot again.

after the 5.0.1 finally seen to able to run without errors, the continue update to all the apps which I had purchase or downloaded started to get update. I don't have a lot of apps, maybe 20, but, the update seems to download like 50 apps that some I was not even aware of, maybe those are the bloatware that came with the phone.

Anyways, that took another good 4 hours, and Note4 is running extremely hot and I am not even touching it and just waiting for the updates to finish.

After the update process is done, I reboot the phone a few times to make sure it is a clean upgrade/update.

Then I start to use it as I do on a daily basis, which involve messaging, VOIP, SKYPE conferences, LINE, email, FACEBOOK, Twitter, news, Google map, listened to some music, took a few test pictures, while with AVAST protecting me, used WIFI and 4G LTE interchangeably.

No crash, running is slower then before, running temperature is very high, battery drains at the least 20% more faster, it could be 30%, as I usually only recharge in later afternoon, as I found my recharging constantly (3X than normal) during the day.

And I haven't even play any game, yet.

Oh, my Samsung SD card got corrupted in the this process that I almost forgot to mention.

That, is just my first day after the upgrade.

It is running too hot at the moment and I am putting it on an ice pat to cool it off, and it likes it!!

  • brad

Madkat97, 26 Mar 2015Downloaded the AT&T Note 4 update twice. Has failed to insta... moreYeah mine to idk how to fix it

  • Madkat97

Downloaded the AT&T Note 4 update twice. Has failed to install twice. SIM card is locked and the internal SD card is encrypted. Anyone else having problems like this?

  • Not good

Updated my Samsung Galaxy s5 and the features in my opinion are awful. They have made an orange color as the standard on the text messaging portion. There's no way to stop alerts from popping up on the front of your screen. This just could have been better planned out. I wish I could go back to the old program.

  • Jesus

I just updated my Note 4 AT&T version to lolipop and now my SD card is unreadable by the Note and my computer. So I'd recommend taking it out before you update, or at least removing any important files. Hopefully I'll be able to use some recovery software to retrieve all the photos and videos I lost. But if the computers won't even read the card it might be a lost cause :(

  • george

not yet

  • simple_complexity

PROBLEM: I updated my Note 4 this morning.... Now my SD card "is blank or has an unsupported file system." If I reformat, the phone says I'll lose everything. Now, I have to wait until I get home to get my SD adaptor and save my files. Anyone know of a solution that will prevent me from losing anything?

  • AnonD-379026

When would Galaxy Note 4, Model SM-N910C get the lollipop update ? Any idea please.

  • saballero

Sam VA, 25 Mar 2015What about SM-N910C ? Any idea when is the lollipop update will ... moreIt is ok . To upgrade,I did and work excellent!!

  • saballero

It is lollipop 5.1.0 I get it

  • Anonymous

NotePro, 25 Mar 2015I have the same version still in 4.4.4! Not sure when this gets ... moreBro, it said it would be release in staggered manner. I'm not trying to sound mean, but that was clearly stated. Just have patience, you will probably get it later today! :)

  • AzeCR

can u guys tell me it is okay to update for lollipop? coz i'm afraid it will give bad effect to my note4

  • Sam VA

What about SM-N910C ? Any idea when is the lollipop update will hit this model.

Vinnie, 25 Mar 2015And the N910F for Europe? Its allready time for the Note5.I have the same version still in 4.4.4! Not sure when this gets upgrade to Lollipop