Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo to get Lollipop later this year

25 March, 2015
Samsung France confirmed on Twitter that the Note 3 Neo will be getting Lollipop later in the year.

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  • Manish

Guys it is fake news.... lundvay,bochambaaa n fodha ol of them r d same person.....n posting such fake news....each comment has a code no below d comment....n all codes r diffrent bt their code is same because d comments were posted by d same mobile......

  • Syed

Hi All,

Please provide the proper update..Do we have a lollipop version for note 3 neo. .??

  • bobby

I didnt got the update yet im from india , as i connected my phone the kies said ive got an update when i installed it that was the same update nothing new even though i waited for 4 hrs to download the update on my phone , but nothing happened it was fake, just update to fix some lag. that was not satisfying :(

  • Gotaa

Lolipop recvd to note 3 neo.

  • AnonD-405551

Fake news guyss no update came in india

  • AnonD-297288

[deleted post]What part of the world are you in????

I did'nt get any update..

  • Lukman

I'm heard about the update news of note 3 neo India.. Is it true ?

  • Anita

shock core, 18 Oct 2015no more samsung :( Kattapa i think u should buy a phone with gingerbread version. Obviously everyone follows a new trend. Buying a new phone is not a solution.

  • lundvay

Guys note 3 neo has got lolipop update 5.1.1 i am unable to post image to show u all cz of gsm security.. enjoyin my phone nw. Wow.

  • bochambaaa

Samsung guys just mesaged me tht marshmalllw update will come to note3 neo duos and not note3 neo. Lolipop given to note3 neo duos nd not note3 neo. Latest update.

  • Anonymous

lundvay, 23 Oct 2015Lolipop has come in india. WowNope

  • AJay

lundvay, 23 Oct 2015Lolipop has come in india. Wowhave u updated

  • bs

lundvay, 23 Oct 2015Lolipop has come in india. Wowwho got note 3 neo lolipop update i didnt get it till today

  • uzair m

God knows when it will give note 3 neo the lollipop update it has given lower price models the lollipop update but not giving lollipop to this phone

  • lundvay

Lolipop has come in india. Wow

  • Anonymous

madhukar, 19 Oct 2015No more SamSung products :) I am waiting for lollipop update to... moreReally man it's been months that N3N has got any update. Whereas N3 got lollipop in Feb'15. Note is a premium series of Samsung but the services are not likeable!!!
on the other hand Marshmallow is on its way>>>>>

  • prajapati

I am waiting from note 3 neo lollypop virgion

  • Jamed

I have been waiting for last year .. why note 3 neo dnt get upgrade for lolipop.. sucksss

  • SP

Its been year long and Samsung note3 neo has not got its updates to date Android 6 is also released why is that we don't get any updates???
has samsung doing a (Scam sung)

  • Rj

bocha, 20 Oct 2015Samsung UK confirmed that N3N will get Marshmallow in Q1 2016. H... moreSamsung sucks . No more samsung products . Worst service provider . Motorola and xiaomi are far better than samsung .