Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo to get Lollipop later this year

25 March, 2015
Samsung France confirmed on Twitter that the Note 3 Neo will be getting Lollipop later in the year.

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  • Anonymous

It has been delayed too much now. All the products of similar costing and even the one almost half the price of note 3 neo has got the latest android version in India. Companies like micromax, lava and almost all the company who make budget phones in India have proven satisfying in giving the latest updates of android version even after months and years after selling the product.
Samsung has been very disappointing, After selling a phone at around Rs 30,000/- Samsung has just ignored that part of customers once the money is made.
I rate samsung last compared to all the existing mobile companies in India.

  • AnonD-446946

plzz leave the lollipop update for note 3 neo as everyone are eagerly waiting for this least announce the date for release of lollipop 5.1 for npte 3 neo.. so that we can have some idea

  • Jerry

Unless you are planning Android M for all Note 3 Neo's, suggest you, like a good boy, release Lollipop immediately for Note 3 Neo.

  • Floyd

Just update the goddamn system everyone i know has it, even my sister has it (not the force) but that goddamn update bring it 2 Note 3 Neo

  • bardia

please update note 3 neo to latest loli pop and support it


Dear plS give a lolipop in note 3 neo....pls... i am very exating for this version

  • Anonymous

Waiting for lollipop version :( please bring it out soon on Samsung note 3 Neo :)

  • mudassir

Samsung is the worst brand in offering lollipop update its been 7 months since the announcement of lollipop update but they are fooling the customers

  • Samsung India

Samsung has a history of giving less preference to cousin models which is Note3 Neo.Update for Note 3 neo is mystery now and by the time it comes, it will be Marshmallow era. its been almost 7 months post announcement of Lolipop update for Note 3 Neo & all they could do is giving reply to Antonio on Twitter that has he tried

  • pankaj somvanshi

aj, 24 Sep 2015for note 3 neo users will not receive 5.0 update instead we will... more not updated lollipop note 3 neo
Plz updated

  • adr

Hey Samsung if u r nt willing to give the lollipop update then why are u trying to fool the users by vague information of getting the ota .....coz its have been couple months passed and u are not providing the date......

  • AnonD-442091

Aj05, 25 Sep 2015When can we expect note 3 neo lollipop update.... i guess after Google rolls out 6.1 updates then hopefully probably we would get 5.0

  • Aj05

When can we expect note 3 neo lollipop update....

  • AnonD-444127

This is shame I have waited enough ..I am planning to sell off my note 3 neomphone and say goodbye to Samsung for ever

  • aj

for note 3 neo users will not receive 5.0 update instead we will get 5.1.1 android update thats crazy

  • annu

note 3 neo update lollipop yes or no & release date??

  • shaf

Please send the update android lollipop version for Note 3 neo,
Its embrassing moment for genuine Samsung users we cannot compare this phone with any other cellphone, because except Note 3 Neo each phone among this range are running on android lollipop version

  • haru

please update lollipop update in note 3 neo

  • faeem

Plz send exactly when ota will release for lolipop version on note 3 neo ???

  • faeem

Plz send exactly when ota will release for lolipop version on note 3 neo ???