Counterclockwise: HTC Dream, Galaxy S, Xperia

28 March, 2015
Samsung and Sony quickly settled on the names of their flagships, but HTC keeps tinkering.

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  • Anonymous

I sill use Xperia Pro and I'm very satisfied as it is my first Android device. Except there aren't international QWERTY devices anymore, I'm more impressed with Windows Phone 8, 4G is coming to Serbia, etc. times are changing, but... Even if I have a choice to use Kitkat ROM, it consumes much more battery than Gingerbread which still fully supports most applications (which is not the case for eg. WP7).
For me, Lumia 1030 would be a great hit and I'm waiting to upgrade.

  • AdamBoy64

Whoa man, that last phone is awesome.
A phone with character.

  • Anonymous

ah, the i9000 Galaxy S,
the one that started the trend...

  • AnonD-24213

Last phone is HOT.

  • tritonalz

seriously, far back smart devices came in loftier with really good internal hardwares .. I mean you quantify the DAC sound relay system of an HTC MY 3G SLIDE to the recent HTC E8.. when you root those devices, the possible sound effects are too powerful.. Right now is all reduced because there are fewer audiofeelz in the globe today.. And hey, have you noticed there has never being any android device with radio transmitter.. Am still flexing that feature with my N79 as my primary phone.. Maybe when samsung galaxy s8 launches with a radio transmitter, it will be another wow

  • hugalo

M8 is the top level of modern phone..very like it..