T-Mobile’s Galaxy S6, S6 Edge gets first OTA update

29 March, 2015
The OTA update focuses on stability improvements and performance tweaks.

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  • ufkm

mixa, 29 Mar 2015How is this exactly news??? Since when OTAs for unreleased devi... moreLearn to read asap plz. . .

  • AnonD-380665

How long do we have to wait for the Emerald Green Edge? Ridiculous that they get you pumped and then no word on when the colors will be available on T-Mobile.

  • mahesh

how you phone to charging to wiles Kay you

How is this exactly news???
Since when OTAs for unreleased devices are news lol....

  • AnonD-369982

This is nothing new most new products will have an update within the first month of release, it's easy to send out update rather than slow the production line down. Why gsm are touting t mobile I don't know.got my hands on the s6 edge in the three shop and there was an update on that too.

  • AnonD-282142

Will they update their other phones to lollipop FFS, seriously people are still stuck on KitKat, including me with my G3, I've learned my lesson, never buy phones from carriers, at least, this carrier anyway.

  • joe sHmoe

I just dont see why this is a policity stunt.

-Its just for the updates nothing to do with any marketing stuff.Its actually even alarming since they sent out updates without having the phone widely available yet in the market to have better results of what glitches they might have or what needs improvement.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2015another publicity stunt.Yes, we know your comment on a thread for a company you don't like amounts to a publicity stunt for the company you do like, but, now your here, why don't you just say openly..."Don't buy Samsung , buy.......?"

  • Anonymous

another publicity stunt.

  • Kyembe

I can't to own you baby

  • Pandu

do you have S6 edge in white

  • PKC

Just waiting for the 64GB Emerald Green S6 Edge. No stock as of now for this colour. All the pre-orders for 64GB for all colours in Qatar is out of stock. Just waiting eagerly.

NotePro, 29 Mar 2015Let me wait for Note 5 Edge!I want a dual SIM S6 water resistant to upgrade from my S5 Duos, if not, never mind.

Let me wait for Note 5 Edge!