Samsung Galaxy S6 edge survives a brutal drop test video

29 March, 2015
Despite getting slammed three times on the floor, the Galaxy S6 edge continued to function normally.

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  • AnonD-265082

LMAO! That was... aggressive.

  • AnonD-374655

Incredible!. And this is the Edge version with the curved display and bigger battery even ! WAW

  • AnonD-227172

i knew this would happen. people hate simply hate 5" mobiles they r too small to posses. put them under bulldozzer. we need bigger screens :P

  • AnonD-83364

AnonD-77292, 29 Mar 2015forget drop tests just give her the new phones ... lol that was ... moreThe two previous Galaxy's were made of plastic and had Gorilla Glass 3. The new S6 has steel frame and sides, plus its using the new Gorilla Glass 4. Which is much stronger.

  • AnonD-83364

It has Gorilla Glass 4 instead of Gorilla Glass 3. Which is stronger again.

  • Anonymous

Liar! That wasn't a drop test, it's a throw test!

  • AnonD-380559

She abused the phone tho

  • Anonymous

The Screen is made of metal too? now this is innovation.

  • Anonymous

Meladyx, 29 Mar 2015Well that was terrifying. I wonder if that floor was carpeted o... moreSounds like cement or similar

  • Kashmalan

It's felt like she gently touch her puppy then rip it's head off.. ... . Scary..

  • Anonymous

hahahaha i enjoy watching you haters and isheeps writing it is fake and so on.....just go whine in another corner

  • Command

Haters bashing incoming...

  • Anonymous

You got crazy relatives? This phone is right!

  • Meladyx

Well that was terrifying.
I wonder if that floor was carpeted or if it was cement etc. Regardless, the S6 looks pretty durable.

  • Mr P

This is most likely fake. Its a short video, in 240 resolution and no phone EVER could withstand that.

  • Adel

S Voice : Installing anger management app ..

  • joe sHmoe

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2015Best test I ever made was to give to my wife a phone...I like you.You're really brave to do that.Cheers!

  • Anonymous

Dave, 29 Mar 2015What did you record it with a potato?using S6 maybe ... ?

  • Anonymous try real life phone ~

  • Dave

What did you record it with a potato?