Galaxy S6 and S6 edge may double the S5 pre-orders in the US

31 March, 2015
The new models are much more  popular than their predecessor, according to Korean media.

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  • AnonD-183154

S6 and S6 Edge should be popular. It is the only Galaxy S that's actually build to Apple standard and not just rely on a huge marketing budget. That said, if they replace the glue with screws a la iPhone, it would make replacing screen and battery a lot easier.

  • oo

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2015Ok don't buy it. Bye.anyone who makes such comments does NOT have the money to buy such an expensive device

  • AnonD-286474

S6 Edge is beautiful and is probably one of the reasons for demand, their last good looking phone was Wave.

  • Anonymous

vrvly, 31 Mar 2015i dont want 32GB s6 even for free. its like back in time, giving... moreOk don't buy it. Bye.

  • thenerd

No 128GB Edge in South Africa - Oh well, I'll settle for 64GB and get wireless storage

  • oo

but is that a RED S6 I see there?

one blue 128gb for me please! -.-

i dont want 32GB s6 even for free. its like back in time, giving less memory as the last year. no waterproof. shame.
it just means u pay more or go to other brand. Seems like samsung support other brands, ok.

  • AnonD-351867

still not worth it, but far better than the inferior S5 & HTC M9, the only hot thing Samsung have is note series, note 4 > galaxy S6, looking forward to note 5