LTE variant of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is getting Lollipop OTA

01 April, 2015
Samsung is rolling out the Android 5.0.2 update for the high-end tablet in select European countries.

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  • AnonD-78000

After Lollipop update the playback volume levels on internal speaker became very very low.
Is this a known issue? How to fix it ?

  • Hamza

Just got Lollipop update on my Tab S 10.5 LTE (UAE version). The update size is only 1GB but gsmarena is reporting update size of 1.7GB i wonder why :/

  • carvapa

Hi guys.
Has anyone got the lollipop update and first impressions to share.
Many thanks.

  • Anonymous

8.4S please

  • Anonymous

I want it on my iphone I'm starting to hate apple.

  • Anonymous

When will I get it on my iPhone 6

  • Anonymous

Waiting for it come out for the 8.4.

I thought Samsung had more or less abandoned the Tab S. Haven't received a single software update since I've gotten it last year.

  • Anonymous

8.4 please

  • Anonymous

kamikazi, 01 Apr 2015i want it on my note 4 :| im starting to hate Samsung!you wont like it especially the colors

  • Cobb

Waiting for 8.4 Update

  • kamikazi

i want it on my note 4 :| im starting to hate Samsung!

  • AnonD-340276

Hoping Galaxy Tab 4 series will get the L update.

  • Anonymous

Good to know so 8.4 lte will get it also