Germany welcomes the GSM version of Palm Pre, now on sale

13 October, 2009
After some good 8 months worth of waiting, the Palm Pre has finally landed in Europe. Welcome, it was about time. As of today you can purchase a shiny new Pre given that you live in Germany that is...

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  • Anonymous

The Palm Pre may not be the best iPhone competitor out there, but i think people have forgotten how far Palm has come since they are now focusing their efforts into WebOS. With Rubinstein on board who knows where Palm will be in the next 3 years. To keep in the game Palm need to release new handsets more frequently (than before) and stop dropping prices on the Pre so frequently despite Apple gobbling away more market share.

  • George

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2009of course they r gna stick foam to one end. that seems lik... moreSticking foam in it maybe ok for a bluepeter watching child but does NOT cut it when your ment to be a mobile phone maker!!!!!!!

  • pre hater

i agree completely with Abuz. let the germans have it - the palm pre is such a badly built phone. crappy hardware, good software.

  • sauron again

Paul_Mc, 13 Oct 2009@sauron the magnifice : More in NON-MULTI-TASKING as well!!... moreCertanly agreeing with u Paul...
iphone is a little- to put it in right words- retarded...
has many advtgs, but some things that r still missing- tremendiosly stupidis!!!
On the other hand WinMo just now takes into concederation some major flaws with the previous vesions

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2009to me it seems like: reasons to get iphone 3gs * video (f... moreomg people like you make me sick. just be quiet.

  • Anonymous

Fred, 13 Oct 2009What about the Pixi???This is about the Pre, not the Pixi, sit down.

  • bela

Unfortunatelly its only dual band HSDPA...:(
No US bands..What a letdown.

  • Anonymous

Time to move to Germany! How much cheaper thzn the UK??! Come on 02 level playing field please.

  • Pepor

You got the German pricing details wrong.

The device is 481EUR without a contract, and works on any GSM network. O2 Germany gives you the option to pay the 481EUR over two years (1EUR up-front plus 20EUR per month, over two years), effectively granting you an interest-free two-year credit. That way, the phone is still not tied to O2 in any way, and you're free to use it on any GSM network. This is because of O2's unique pricing structure in which the default contract (which is called "O2 o") has no monthly fee, so you're probably not paying them a lot for using their service and thus they won't subsidise the phone.

It is also possible to get the phone subsidised on various other contracts, for 49EUR or 89EUR (depending on the type of contract, for which the monthly fee varies from 29.75EUR to 45EUR).

  • Frank

Come can not compare iPhone 3GS with Pre. iPhone 3GS is fast, easy to use (I should say the best, and the only best available fully touch screen in the market right now). Appealing, sexy and sleek design. Very stable OS (hardly crash on you). Excellent mobile device for multimedia, watching movies, listening to music, Business and Productivity, GPS, you name it... and not the least TONS of applications available in Appstore. You can find any sort of applications for any type of interests and groups, and prices very reasonable compare to apps for Symbion and Win OS. Yes, it is true that iPhone may lack some futures, same as multitasking and etc...But if really you want to explore the iPhone get it jailbreak, and then you will find your self with many good and useful applications that usually not found in Appstore, such as Multitasking, Winterboard (changing your desktop screen and its icons), watching movies in any format, etc...

  • Abuz

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2009of course they r gna stick foam to one end. that seems lik... moreLets not forget loose sliders cracked screens broken usb covers having to blow into the headset socket when it gets stuck in headset mode keypads that stop working missing pixels plastic easy to scratch touch screens that stop working touchstone charging that overheats the device google it to see. OS is good though! Just crappy hardwarw.

  • Anonymous

Fred, 13 Oct 2009What about the Pixi???its gna be the cheaper version of pre. smaller screen (28 i think), less memory (4gb), worse cam (2mp i think)...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2009why would u make a touchscreen phone with a tiny screen and... more3.1" is big enuf (i use 3.0 resistive and its ok so 3.1" capacitive shud be fine). just cos its not as big of a screen as iphone doesnt mean its worse. it has more dpi so its screen produces more crisp images than iphone.

  • Anonymous

George, 13 Oct 2009Palm MAY still be around at the end of your contract but I ... moreof course they r gna stick foam to one end. that seems like one of the logical things to do. the other being increasing the size of the battery and hence costs.

  • Anonymous

to me it seems like:
reasons to get iphone 3gs
* video (for now)
* larger screen
* apps (but i hv an ipod touch so personally this doesnt matter)

- im not including taking pictures cos picture quality has not been compared yet and dont forget palm pre has flash so i wud say overall it wud be close. also if u rly wna take gud pictures u wudnt use either of these phones.
- i cannot yet compare the prices of both where i live since pre isnt anounced here yet. but the unlocked german pre is cheaper than the unlocked iphone 3gs where i am. but idk data plans altho i doubt pre plans wud be more than iphone 3gs plans here.

reasons to get palm pre
* physical an onscreen keyboard
* more dpi with screen = more crisp images displayed
* infinitely better multitasking (and to those who say it drains battery life so iphone doesnt hv/need it: no 1 is forcing u to multitask, u can still run 1 app at a time if u wish to save battery life)
* user replaceable battery (idk y iphone still doesnt hv this)
* gestures in addition to the multitouch supported by both
* synergy between apps/programs

but consumers r not only gna choose between these 2. there r a lot of other phones worth considering as well: (not in order)
nokia n900
SE satio
htc hero
htc hd 2
lg crystal
samsung omia hd
motorola dext (yes they still make phones and finally produced a decent one)

  • George

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2009This is getting to be a very crowded marketplace, Android, ... morePalm MAY still be around at the end of your contract but I dont think hardware wise this cheaply made phone will be. Shame on Palm for making it rubbish in the states and then not making the effort to improve it at all for the EU market. ie one of many problems this phone has had was the phone used to turn off when slid shut as the battery moved. So what do Palm do to fix it? They STICK a bit of FOAM at one end of the battery space!!!!!! Palm sort your hardware out this wont last the length of a contract.....

  • Anonymous

This is getting to be a very crowded marketplace, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, N900, Symbian...

...will Palm still be around for the length of the contract?

I guess that depends on them finding a buyer.

  • Anonymous

why would u make a touchscreen phone with a tiny screen and a keyboard, this doesn't need to be touchscreen at all, let the keyboard do all the work..

  • Sunny

i think they forgot to mention that in uk £30 18 month contract you only get 75 mins per month, however if you pay £35 you would get 600 mins per month. so it pretty simple typically the £35 would be the best choice however for that sort of money why go for pre mite aswell get the iphone.
but i do agree with people UK is simply rip-off deals compared to other countries, but as long as there are buyers companies like o2 will charge ridiculous amounts of money

  • Anonymous

The Pre... without a moment's hesitation!