LG officially announces UX 4.0 for the LG G4

07 April, 2015
The latest Android customization will brings manual camera controls, unique ringtones, improved apps.

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  • AnonD-286474

There is no harmony in the theme, they look like random things put together.

  • m86k

AnonD-383638, 07 Apr 2015Is it just me or the icons are ugly.You are not alone, that was my first move when i got my G3, looking for a theme with "proper icons".

  • AnonD-383638

Is it just me or the icons are ugly.

  • LG. No htc

I think this phone will beat HTC one 9 +.

  • G4 wats New ?

One Wallpaper + One Widget Update = G4 ? Great LG Keep Going. You will beat Timescape UI with miles.. LOL,