Huawei devices to start getting Lollipop next month

08 April, 2015
The Lollipop update wrapped in Emotion UI roll out plan pans out from May to September.

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  • AnonD-209345

where is the honor holly??!!
lesson learnt. never buy anything from huawei!

  • hj

Indian version of honor 4x is che01-L04 and its not in the list. My be someone get it rooted and make custom rom for it.

  • Dhirendra

when honor holly get android L update.?


how about lollipop update for honor 6 international variant?

  • AnonD-384623

The p7, honor 6, p6 mate 2 etc will get lollipop. The post doesn't mention all of the phones

  • Needy

is the honor holly going to get Lollipop, as i dont see that mentioned anywhere, can anyone check and let me know about it? thanks!

  • Anonymous

Not for honor holly :(

  • ap

hey have they forget the promise for huawei honor holly lollipop update ?

  • Cala

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2015Who said nexus 6 crap? Either you misunderstood the comment or y... moreNexus 6 is a shit. I returned it after 5 days using.

  • Homeless

latam, 08 Apr 2015why this fkrs of huawei are so frkng slow. now my phone is not i... moreRelax. You bought a good phone. Did you buy it because it was GOING to be a good phone? If you did, then you got the wrong phone. Updates are never guaranteed, and never required. Be thankful that somewhere, somebody is working on that for you.

  • latam

why this fkrs of huawei are so frkng slow. now my phone is not in the list that they select to be updated until 2016 iam thinking seriusly to get a motophone

  • AnonD-384141

Its good news . But I will happy if all huawei tablet to start getting lollipop .

  • Anonymous

AnonD-142922, 08 Apr 2015Nexus 6 crap ? U joking nobody bought them Who said nexus 6 crap? Either you misunderstood the comment or you don't know English well. And lots of people bought nexus 6, and I am one of them. :)

  • AnonD-373962

Keerthi Varman, 08 Apr 2015Hai, guys! I am an average user, does this product will suits m... morePut extra 4k and try HONOR 6 from FLIPKART.
their is many upgradation specs from 4x to H06.

  • Anonymous

Is the MT7_TL09 no in the list ??

  • AnonD-142922

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2015Don't buy cheap devices. Get a nexus 6, man. Nexus 6 crap ? U joking nobody bought them

  • AnonD-142922

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2015you see? giving f*ck for g750-u10 owners again. i hate you hua... moreThey wont :)
They getting better and better

  • Anarmo

G750 U10?????????????????????

  • Jason

Sad to see that H60-L04 is not mentioned and till now EMUI 3.0 is also not update for India :(

  • kumar

well said nillesh...these guys have no interest in supporting intl versions of mobiles after the launch.
people are being betrayed by shows and ads..

its wastage of money. we could have easily afforded to buy other well know brands like iphone, samsung, etc.