HTC announces Lollipop release for Desire Eye and Desire 816

14 April, 2015
HTC announced the rollout of Android Lollipop firmware updates on the Desire Eye and Desire 816.

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  • Anonymous

when will lollipop version for htc desire 816 come in india??

  • Nokialicious

820s still dont have? nice~

  • Thailand

Yesterday updated for Lollipop. Sense 6.0. little disappointed. Have no face unlock. The battery usage not improved. Memory usage not improved. (first look, didn't test it fully yet)
But we are satisfied with this phone and with Lollipop. Rotation is not very well. Have to download apps from play store to rotate phone if you don't have dock because the charger is down and cannot put to holder when you charge.
Why are everyone asking other lollipop updates here ? are they have problem with brains ?

  • fromthePHtoo

from the Philippines, 15 Apr 2015Got my firmware update to Lollipop 5.0.2 yesterday and it's grea... moreDid it slow down your phone? Any issues? I'm afraid to update my Desire Eye.

  • from the Philippines

Got my firmware update to Lollipop 5.0.2 yesterday and it's great but HTC Sense is still version 6.0

  • Apdone

I've just updated to android 5.0.2 and so far I have bad experience with it for 2 days already. Battery drain is obvious and it's a bit annoying with other personal annoyances. All in all, if i could choose again, I will not update to lollipop :/

  • Tushar

And what about desire 816w? when will my desire 816w get lollypop updates?

  • Tushar

when will get lollypop updates for htc desire 816w?

  • Rogel

What Sense 6.5??
Upgraded my Desire Eye to lollipop but it is still in Sense 6.0.

  • mukesh

Any1 got lollipop update for HTC one e8 in shop India??

  • AnonD-196881

htc M8eye would get lollipop too(like one max and ...),be patient. and I hsave to appreciate htc for very good support. htc releases the best update and support in android and maybe in mobile ww.thank you htc.

  • Anonymous

Great for my desire 816
thank you htc

  • AnonD-123695

Asem Khaled, 14 Apr 2015HTC 816G Or HTC 816W ?? 816w

  • AnonD-244981

And what about M8 eye......??! :-/
Plzz tll sm one.......

  • AnonD-386342

When is lolipop and sense 7 update coming to htc one e8 dual sim in india???it is a high spec device..common htc...

Yee.. Bring it on.. HTC desire 816..

  • Ani

Hey, htc 820 is more deserving than 816.
Well congo to 816 users
Rip 820 guys.

yep, it's true: out for both the single-SIM and dual-SIM version for the Desire 816 (in fact just came to my Desire 816 dual in Germany). Update size is circa 870MB (which is pretty big for any Android phone), and especially for the phone's paltry 8GB internal (of which there are only 4GB user-accessible), which means that I have to erase a lot of apps to get it installed :( but if it's anything like the One M7's I'm ready to sacrifice it

  • husam

Seriously?? No update for desire 820!? The camera performance with the current software is terrible! At least give us a solution for that! ....

  • Asem Khaled

HTC 816G Or HTC 816W ??