Lenovo Vibe Shot version with 720p display spotted at TENAA

17 April, 2015
Bearing almost same specs as the Vibe Shot, the new Lenovo Z90-3 model differs only in the display area.

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lenovo brand is very awesome..... .

  • AnonD-387533

Would actually consider a Lenovo phone if they do a good job with the camera... watching this with interest.

Unfortunately as Sony insists on repeatedly demonstrating, it takes more than a good sensor and good lens to put a good camera in a phone... you need artfully-tuned processing algorithms and a clean UI as well.

Best of luck to Lenovo... hopefully they implement all of Camera2 API and include Raw DNG storage and review. NO EXCUSE not to when you make your phone look like a camera!

  • dale

Cheap company.
Apple and Sony design

  • Qaisar

Am waiting for it for a long time.

  • AnonD-13605

I am really exited about this phone especially because it has good camera, dual sim, big battery and $350 only!