Apple is a potential buyer of Nokia’s HERE mapping business

22 April, 2015
The Cupertino giant is among the high-profile suitors approached by the Finnish company.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2015I'm afraid so too. Apple will ditch the other platforms and onl... moreApple didn't want their arch rival (and stevoes hate foe.) Google earning money from the usage of their iphone. Also they wanted to have the share they were denying Google, for them they got their overpaid overactor, jonoivagotaallovayourcasha, to make a lil orchestrated video about their best customer software ever. ..and so was born, contrary to the video, the embarrassingly faulty amaps.
When this story about Here maps being for sale came out I posted there when apple wasn't mentioned that amoney was at the root of this, the original storey was a monopolies commission type red herring to make it look like it was someone else's idea that big a had no hand in. Yet neil diamond says different, he says 'money talks'

  • Anonymous

Ewwwwwwe. Please don't. That's gross. I can see how apple would take beats. That makes sense. Over priced over hyped yuck stuff. Perfect fit for each other.

  • Anonymous

If it doesn't come with all of the IP/patents, then agree Apple takes a pass.

  • 9300

Eh Elop killed Nokia. They should try go Android or Android and MeeGo/WP. Who would do something so stupid as an exclusive agreement with Microsotf for using Windows Phone - the system initial stage, beta version, with no future...Today all see is was so stupid.

  • Anonymous

dale, 23 Apr 2015Dream on, samsung doesn't havr enough fund to buy the here maps.... moreim not a fan of anything i use phone iphone for work and andriod phones for gaming,

but i think you dont know the SAMSUNG COMPANY (as a whole )well enough.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4340, 23 Apr 2015I dont believe this, Apple has better maps already, HERE is only... moreapple has better maps?you must be joking

  • AnonD-4340

I dont believe this, Apple has better maps already, HERE is only useful in central areas of the western world and the biggest cities of the rest of the world, areas where Apple already has better maps for pedestrians and commuters. Fake news for sure.

  • muya

I think this is like another 10 years plan.

like Nokia sold Phone Business to Microsoft.
now, Nokia selling HERE busiess to others..

Nokia still pocketing money - RnD company.

  • brev2034

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2015Some dispute? That's your problem. You don't know what you're ... moresame with youtube on windowsphone google wont bring out a dedicated app because they are being cry babys about it

  • Noel

Andra, 23 Apr 2015Hello Nokia... If Apple ready to buy HERE Maps, then don't give ... moreAgreed...sell for more than 3.2 Billion. Their base asking price should be 5 Billion plus. Microsoft should just buy it, but sell it for more if Apple is buying. Hey they have plenty of those Billions (smile)...why not?
Nokia needs the money to start cranking out Android phones.

  • Nokiafan

Nokia is not comming back to phone bussines, otherwise they would'nt sell HERE. Even so they have less and less chance to stay in the game, because of the overfilled market.
To sell HERE intentions were born a long time ago. Since they decided to make it available for android and iOS, so to increase the value of the asset.

  • Nokiamann

Andra, 23 Apr 2015Hello Nokia... If Apple ready to buy HERE Maps, then don't give ... moreHello Andra,

thank you for your advice, we actually did not think about that. We are now calling for a meeting and discuss your suggestion.

  • AnonD-387016

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2015Soon it will be Apple's Bow your head to the King of innovation.So, buy a full fonctional system is now call "innovation "? Interesting.

  • Andra

Hello Nokia... If Apple ready to buy HERE Maps, then don't give them for $3.2 billion. Sell for more than $10 billion they have more money. Because if they want to sell HERE to others they will charges more than $20 billion, this is true. Don't loss money.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2015I'm afraid so too. Apple will ditch the other platforms and onl... moreSome dispute? That's your problem. You don't know what you're talking about. Google refused to make Google maps on iPhone comparable to the android one. No turn by Tim navigation for example. Apple asked them continuously to bring it up to par but Goigle refused. So, they got kicked to the curb and suddenly was able to release a comparable and sometimex better version of Google Maps for iOS.

Google buys companies and take them off the Windows Phone or ios platform or does not support it too. Example: Waze and Sparrow.

Before you haters get your underwear in a bind, maybe you should learn about the industry a little.

  • AnonD-133243

the worst news i ever read on gsmarena yet :( this means i will be an iphone buyer in the future, sth i never imagined before

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2015I fear this is going to be the end of Here being a free cross pl... moreI'm afraid so too.
Apple will ditch the other platforms and only use HERE for itself. Especially since Apple is at grief with Google. So they will not allow HERE to stay on Android.

Remember that iPhones used to have Google maps. But because of some dispute between them Apple bought a (few) mapping company created/renamed the app and launched its own Apple-only mapping solution (2012). It uses TomTom- and AutoNavi (China) maps.

If Apple wasn't such a jackass company they would have kept using Google Maps and this entire debate would be pointless.

And then there's Nokia's incompetence to capitalize on their assets...

Who the hell runs these companies? Monkeys?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2015I hope it wouldn't be restricted on Windows Phone, although HERE... moreNo it's the other way around.

HERE = Navteq. And thus uses Navteq maps.
Bing uses HERE maps.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-372584, 23 Apr 2015Here drive on android is much more better than on wpNo it sucks!
The best "HERE" is on Symbian. Where it integrates perfectly with the address-book and calender.

On Android I've reverted back to the BETA because that behaves a little bit better with regards to input from my address-book than v1.x. But it still doesn't work as flawless as the Symbian version.

For instance. on V1.0 If you put HERE Offline then it won't find addresses. Even when Online when clicked on an addres in the address-book, it won't find anything. You have the cut/copy the whole address and paste it again before HERE recognizes it.

I'm led to believe that the WP version works correct with WP's Address book. It has (or at least had) less options than the Symbian version though.

  • Anonymous

seb, 23 Apr 2015thats ugly news...good by here!Indeed. Again this shows the incompetence of Nokia to capitalize on their assets. Instead of providing it free on Nokia devices (S40/S60/Symbian/WP) and as a paying option on all the other platforms. Just price it at 1 euro or 1 US-dollar which is enough to create an incentive to obtain a Nokia device.

Also if it makes profit no matter how small then WHY, in god's name, would you sell that business? It's an incredible asset in their portfolio which give Nokia high regards to customers. Some people actually bought Nokia phones BECAUSE of the free offline navigation (which is/was particularly good on Symbian).

Nokia = fools