Sprint joins Verizon in releasing Lollipop for the LG G2

27 April, 2015
The update to Android 5.0 has started rolling out today, slowly making its way to Sprint's G2 units.

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  • AnonD-447771

Lg india disapointing, No 5.1.1 Lollipop

  • bricckky

is available raight now for south america more specific in colombia????

  • AnonD-158376

Lg g2 india we are waiting... If you failed me ill switch to custom rom

  • Anonymous

Don't do it! My lg2 is beyond messed up now after the lollipop update I have tried all fixes, deleted just about every app and still every time I use the back button to wake my phone (knock on only 1 of many things not working anymore) I hold my breathe waiting for it to just die altogether. Slower, battery gone by lunch (had 1/4 battery at the end of day before update), touch screen works intermintely, don't update to lollipop if you have an lg2 it'll destroy it

  • habeel

when is coming 5.0 update for galaxy tab 3 7.0

  • AnonD-390631

When is comming update to Lg G Flex ?

  • Nishant

When is it going to come in India ? LG has disappointed many people...

  • AnonD-222770

Any news for G2 Mini update?