Cyanogen ends its ties with Chinese OEM OnePlus

29 April, 2015
According to Cyanogen’s CTO, both companies have different goals for software, and hence the breakup.

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  • AnonD-449344

all of you stop the shit you can comment the os just like that you dont know that the developers are working hard go and create an os and see the troubles popping up and dont comment one plus one its the brilliant phone of the world go and mind your buisness i am to a cm developer shut it and dont comment opo.

  • Van

I never knew Cyanogen before and its hardware/Brand/ CosttoValue that pulls the trigger but not S/W (with in android estate). With my past 6 months experience with YU i have submitted numerous bugs to CM and not sure how the SW behaves. All the customization CM supporters fond of in CM is worth less for a common smartphone user...

  • AnonD-68595

Look one thing you all need to understand is that. One Plus One devices never made cyanogen popular. Cyanogen was way back and we use to port it to devices that never gets official updates. It's a great ROM. And the best Custom ROM an android phone could have. So yeah, if One plus is parting way with them, it will never affect Cyanogen. Besides visit XDA developers dot com and see for yourself number of devices that have cyanogen being ported. The original Android Sucks, Cynogen is the fun side of Android. So yeah they will still do good without One Plus one because there are a lot of manufacturers out there that can't wait to sign them up.

  • Shaggy

Are there any european android rom maker/team? Dont trust all the chinese ones and american CyanogenOS.

  • Elu

observer340, 30 Apr 2015these guy is really getting on my nerves he always disses ppl an... moreYou Said it right. One plus one gave the Ba***ds a very much required platform and this is how they revert...

  • observer340

these guy is really getting on my nerves he always disses ppl and is an arrogant prick i mean first google now oneplus, cyanogen wouldnt even exist without google. and oneplus really helped cyanogen too he owes it to them to at least respect the companies and not act like a 5 year old with a better toy than everybody else.

  • AnonD-164202

Thank God, worst ROM ever

  • Ryantek

Cm is a huge mess, just go by the main OnePLus site it is everyday a flood of problems, all sort of crap happening because of a buggy ROM.

  • AnonD-390986

You really gotta love a CEO that responds in "valley-girl"-speak..........."Wi­thout Cyanogen, OnePlus would have sold, like, one device in international markets..."


  • AnonD-309636

None of the chinese phones which would come with CyanogenOS/Cyanogenmod out of the box would be available in India, which is one of the emerging markets for smartphones in the world, because of its deal with Micromax in India for it's YU brand devices. Micromax makes the worst phones, no reliability as they are just cheap rebraded chinese phones. So, India is not a mass market for Cyanogen. But, after seeing what happened to the OnePlus - Cyanogen partnership, I think the time is not far away when Cyanogen shows its back to Micromax.

  • AnonD-309636

huzefa_mmi, 29 Apr 2015Because of One Plus I came to know about Cyanogen and I guess th... moreYeah.. Me too..

  • Gauri

will see.. as now that everyone has upgraded to cm 12, its a matter of cm13, if that is available for OPO or not.. but by that time one will be up with oxygen

  • Anonym

Svrx, 29 Apr 2015You know you don't need a OPO to get cyanogenmod right? It's ava... moreActually there is a point!
Cyanogenmod != Cyanogen

In Cyanogenmod you are dependent on (volunteer) device maintainers to keep up the work necessary to bring stability to your particular device. It's not uncommon to hear complaints about CM stability in some devices, while some other never experienced stability problems.

Cyanogen is a for-profit company that ensures those devices will be maintained by paid professionals. It's a whole different game of insurance.

That's why One Plus One + Cyanogen was so attractive to those who already liked Cyanogenmod!
Well, now I guess they'll either shop somewhere else or revert to the Nexus line/devices with Google Play Editions, as those seem to have the best support/stability.

  • Svrx

AnonD-279436, 29 Apr 2015No, you are wrong. Cyanogen is well know android custom rom on t... moreYou know you don't need a OPO to get cyanogenmod right? It's avaliable for many devices so no point in buying it for the system...
And you know that OPO doesn't come with cyanogenmod rom right? It comes with cyanogenOS.
It's pretty easy to find the specs of most chinese phones with google...

  • AnonD-387025

A big shout out to all those OPO loving people…. Let’s abandon CM12/CM11 altogether and flash Oxygen OS on our respective devices. Then developers can get to improve the existing edition of Oxygen and create a #Oneplus only ecosystem and push OTAs. I am done with this Cyanogen BS and so should you.
#neversettle #IHATECyanogen @getpeid

  • Kangal

People bought the OnePlus One device for 3 reasons: good product, great price, and Cyanogen ROM.

Nobody cares about Cyanogen OS or Cyanogen Inc.
We don't care about Steve Kondik or Kirt McMaster.
We do NOT want their proprietary OS.

We want CM, the open-source operating system made by real developers that work because they want to.... not because they're trying to rip something off.

  • AnonD-356176

Cyanogen is overrated.

  • ravi

I had plan to purchase oneplus one this diwali but after this divorce, sorry i"ll not

  • AnonD-279436

No, you are wrong. Cyanogen is well know android custom rom on the planet. You think everyone willing to buy those chinese's crap without knowing it features and spec? Since lately those craps are not cheap, their price almost the same as well branded devices. I bet more than 50% people buy Oneplus is bcoz of Cyanogen.

  • Joy

I guess yes initially they did brand their name with cyanogen . But over the time One plus really gathered together their name cause of their quality of build and hardware . They became their own name wise and people didn't talk about Cyanogen there after . So in a manner they wanted to gain name (greedy cyanogen ) and they decided to part their ways mainly due to arrogance of cyanogen and try to partner with micromax . I guess this would be a global fail for micromaxx as well as cyanogen