Android Lollipop with Flyme OS 4.5.1 arrives on Meizu MX4 Pro

30 April, 2015
After the update, the high-end Chinese smartphone will boot to Android 5.0.1 with Flyme OS 4.5.1A.

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  • RNy
  • 18 Aug 2015

Meizu has great hardware, but lousy firmware updates, especially the I (International) version. Not to mention technical support (e.g. email) is incompetent and poor. Unless you are an idiot, don't buy it.

    • k
    • kebab muncher
    • HKL
    • 07 Jul 2015

    Hi,can anyone tell me when the lollipop update for the Mx4 Pro will arrive in England,

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      • Anonymous
      • K@g
      • 05 May 2015

      @@, 01 May 2015From what I have read on different websites, Flyme OS 4.5.1... moreno it's not ready. google play and thus almost all google apps and those that use google services don't work.

      Beta? more like alpha.

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        • Mx4 pro owner
        • iHF
        • 02 May 2015

        Since the first update to lollipop, meizu updated already two times for stability and some bug fixes. They are very quick and reliable and working 24/7 to improve them self. I can see that by going to their Chinese forums.
        In general is pretty great, no problem for daily usage.I believe the battery became better but not by much, I'm getting around 4.5 ost. The only downer for me is Swype cannot work, always crashes, and a few apps also, but I'm guessing it's lollipops fault.

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          • mega
          • PUB
          • 01 May 2015

          how about lollipop update for mx4 and m1 note..?

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            • d$T
            • 01 May 2015

            From what I have read on different websites, Flyme OS 4.5.1A is a beta version of the lollipop update available for everyone to use but has to be manually updated. It would be interesting to know if it is stable enough for everyday use

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              • Anonymous
              • PMX
              • 01 May 2015

              Yes, but where's the Ubuntu Phone Edition?

              I don't care about Android and certainly not "Flyme OS", I just want a 64GB Meizu MX4 with Ubuntu Phone...

                • b
                • bwanashamba
                • Uu4
                • 01 May 2015

                nice, but they didnt update for unicom version