Samsung’s Tizen Store now available worldwide

01 May, 2015
The company's Tizen-based phone, however, is currently only available in India and Bangladesh.

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  • RejZoR

In 1-2 year time, we'll be saying "Told you so" when Tizen will be gone...

  • AnonD-18780

This remind me again the old Bada days!

  • AnonD-357676

It looks so bad

  • AnonD-374448

wonder if gear s which is based on Tizen, would be able to utilize to store apps?

  • Anonymous

Sammy you need to release tizen in usa.

  • Arifsony

Share it app is so necessary

  • Human

[deleted post]Are u Bill Gates?

  • Anonymous


  • mkj

nish, 01 May 2015give me a whatsapp first ...Whatsapp already available from very first day...

  • Mark

Does that mean that I can install applications on my Gear S if this is ported . Would love to know if anyone can port this to Gear S (Tizen OS)

  • AnonD-58835

Tizen is the WORST mobile OS in the planet. Seems 8 years old graphical interface, no games, no applications, no developper tools, nothing. i dont understand why samsung keep offering it as this could interefere their superb sales with android and new galaxy s6 edge.

  • Arthur

nish, 01 May 2015give me a whatsapp first ...They got WhatsApp since day one.

  • nnh

nish, 01 May 2015give me a whatsapp first ...already available buddy

  • Riaz477

tizen store now available. bt apps are not available. no viber, no skype, no imo, no facebook messenger, no good games. its very bad. opera mini dont working properly. now time clash of clan is most populer game. its not available in store.i am using samsung z1. now i am so much bored, many many person bored.i think its great mistake for samsung. just simple delivary text report option not in OS. i think samaung should develop this OS very early.

  • nish

give me a whatsapp first ...

  • Arthur

It good to see there is more Mobile OS exist in current market, and good job to Samsung, Intel and Linux Foundation team. However, I think Samsung need to release new Tires device with more decent spec, or else it is a joke when the company only Tizen device can't proper handle some games such as Angry Birds and Despicable Me.