Samsung acknowledges Galaxy S5 Lollipop update issues

02 May, 2015
According to Samsung UK, the company will soon be sending out micro updates to fix the problems.

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  • Cade

Erica, 27 Jun 2016My phone has crashed COMPLETELY. It does not turn on and if it d... moreSame with me is there a way to fix it?

  • Jaybo

Just updated my Note 4 and now it won't charge...says 0 to 1%. Dead in the water.

  • Anonymous

What about marshmallow in s5 has the bugs fixed ?

  • Anonymous

What the..... my battery now lasts 4hrs max without even using it!?! Only good thing about the upgrade is its faster (when on) with new emojis.

  • pieceofcrap

Since updates have installed I find my phone is forever locking up and keeping myself from taking pictures, texting, sending messages, slowing down processes to many of my installed apps and draining my battery super fast! "Piece Of Crap"!

  • Erica

My phone has crashed COMPLETELY. It does not turn on and if it does it immediately freezes until i turn it off. Prior to this update my phone was working perfectly. After the update the first problem was in messaging. When i tried to txt, the keyboard would appear all over the screen and everything would freeze repeatedly. Things got worse from there quickly and now my phone is useless. I have probably lost all the pictures of my 9 month old. I feel cheated! I never wanted an update. I was happy with the phone I purchased. The exact same thing happened last time. I had the galaxy S3 and a few months before it came out there was an update that put so many bugs in my phone i was forced to buy the S5. I feel this is intentional. They want people to have to upgrade.

  • Angry

Since June update, battery used up at record speeds. Everything off overnight and fully charged, but dead by morning. My port died years ago and I use an external battery charger (no problems with that until now), and with about 3 hours of phone just on, it dies, and the external charger takes 6+ hours to charge battery. Thus, no phone at all for hours each day.

  • Aggravated

Since the June 2016 update on my Galaxy S5, I can no longer use my camera.
Tried clearing the cache, eyc, but nothing seems to work. Phone can't read my SD card either.
Very pissed.

  • AnonD-553159

Since the update my S5 my camera is MUCH slower, it takes several minutes before I can start taking pictures or view my gallery. My phone also no longer recognizes when it's plugged into a computer :(

PLEASE REVERT!!!! My phone was amazing, now all I can think about is switching to a different option

  • Kimberlee

Updated S5 Galaxy and I now my phone will not charge. I receive an error message advising I use the factory charger.
Went to Verizon and the manager said I was the third person THIS WEEK with this issue. While I was there another person walked up with the same issue. Called Samsung from the Verizon counter. First tech hung up on me. Called again second technician Roy told me that since the phone is over 1 year old they can do nothing. I said I need to speak with a supervisor! He said he can take my information but they won't be calling me back! I but him on speaker so the Verizon manager could hear that. He repeated it. I let him know I needed this resolved by Samsung since it was there software issue NOT my or my phones issue. I advised I would start an internet campaign about this issue since this issue is effecting potentially tens of thousands of users and I can't even be assured a supervisor would call me back! 3 days later, no phone no access to pictures contacts etc and no return call!

  • Meraai

Since the Lollipop update: My phone randomly restarts - still typing and it just happens. The battery is up to crap, it used to last AT LEAST a day and a half, now it barely makes 6 hours (even with screen on dim and no use). My e-mail doesn't sync, sometimes maybe manually IF I am lucky for that day. My internet is broken, it constantly states "cannot connect right now" - I have to switch between wifi and mobile data as this is never constant, either one or both will be broken and "not connecting right now" throughout the day. My apps crash, my exit button doesn't work most of the time, I can't type (it either lags or is stuck on one letter), and the general performance is about half the speed it used to be. I must say I am really disappointed, this was THE crappest experience I have ever had. Samsung worked so hard to dominate the mobile market and you trashed it in one single update.

  • Anonymous

Since my update, my Google maps is sending me in the wrong directions (sometimes blocks off of where I want to go), my swipe text sucks,and I lost my short cuts to WiFi, airplane mode, sound and other shortcuts and texts I get as a response from other people appear in the conversation before the question I send them. Plus, I really don't like the layout now. How can I switch back to the way it was workout losing everything on my phone?

  • walshlg

update opened access to unsecured apps, my gmail account was taken over by a bot in New Jersey and started sending out spam emails.

  • Alla eddine

Melody, 23 Jun 2016Since update my phone answers on speaker and when I make a call ... moreHello
Please i need to help me of upgread my android rel 5.0.1

  • Alirie

Since this "update," my battery drains at record speed, my apps don't refresh, my email doesn't sync. Is there a way to put it back the way it was?!

  • Melody

Since update my phone answers on speaker and when I make a call it defaults to speaker. I can't clear the software update.

  • LINYgirl

As usual, this update changes the look of everything - I really dislike the "flat" emojis - even though the phone will still show the 3D-type, when you put them in a text, they are FLAT - ugly and boring. Also, I can't seem to download my photos and videos with a USB - keeps telling me I need to purchase some kind of software to do that - really??? It's a USB hookup to MY computer from MY phone - why should I have to pay to download MY photos??? I absolutely HATE these updates.

  • Peteyh89

Absolute joke of an update. My phone was perfect before this. Now it's restarting by itself 5 or 6 times a day. The key board has a mind of its own and just presses the same letters over and over again. My apps are all crashing and the screen is really delayed when going to unlock. Also having problems when viewing images from my gallery it goes through the pictures itself without me swiping left of right. I also use my phone for work and now it's useless!!!

  • Prendy

Phone (S6) locked out for 3 hours immediately after update and for some reason then fired up with different app images on the screen. The apps then locked so was unable to use them or the phone. Tried factory reset - nothing happened so pulled the battery to unlock. Turned back on - battery charge at 86% and showed the battery on the screen but still would not turn on. What next?
Comment - I wish we had a choice whether to upgrade or not

  • AnonD-550565

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2016Updated my S5 this morning and it activated a new security login... moreYeah factory reset your phone and get it rooted . this update is a joke done the same on my edge . took my finger print away told me to enter my password which I never set up . phoned 3 they told me to phone Samsung . phoned Samsung spent 3hrs on the phone then line went dead. phone back following day at 4pm 2 and a half hours later the lines closed still no answer . sent them a email 4 days later got a reply told me not my network provider can assist me . told them they said to come to you to be told I need proof of purchase of 3 to prove the phone is mine . went to 3 to find out about proof of purchase to be told I can get it but it will take between 3 and 6 weeks to get as it's in archive. spent a further 2 hours on the phone to Samsung to explain to them that I need my phone for work and this is unacceptable for them to tell me that of course new updates have their problems and I need to wait like everyone else and wait for the update that fixes the bugs and install that. I told them that I won't be able to install it as my phone is locked and won't boot up. and their answer was well you will have to wait until you can provide the relevant documents to show it is my phone .

this update has been a cock up since the word go. I had no issues before the update and I don't see why I was forced to update my phone.

so I recommend you root your phone take the update off and download a new one or roll it back . plenty of places show you how to do it if in doubt find someone who knows what their doing .

good luck