Samsung acknowledges Galaxy S5 Lollipop update issues

02 May, 2015
According to Samsung UK, the company will soon be sending out micro updates to fix the problems.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2016After update, the pattern lock screen appeared, which I haven't ... moreWe had this same problem with my husbands phone. We didn't enter password because we don't want to get locked out. He never had a pattern code, and now he can't get into his phone. Pretty angry with Verizon

  • Anonymous

m86k, 02 May 2015Mine too since 3 weeks : it's when i received a bugfix update. ... moreNope. Looked down at my phone last night and it was already updating itself. Never agreed to any update.

  • Kd

AnonD-543667, 31 May 2016Same thing happens with me! Totally f***s up my phone. I have to... moreMine is the same. Keyboard pops up when locked. Have to guess where keys are to restart. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • AnonD-544906

My s5 on verizon works great with lolipop fast, good battery, runs cool

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2016After update, the pattern lock screen appeared, which I haven't ... moreI'm having the EXACT same issue!

  • Samsong

Herbert, 03 Jun 2016Delete whatsapp, reboot phone, Ready. Re-install whatsapp.I don't have any apps installed and my phone has started running slow and stuttering while trying to scroll down a page, it's nothing to do with any apps it's the update from Samsung which is slowing the phones down

  • AnonD-544840

Since The update my phone fails to auto connect to my bluetooth devices, i obviously deleted paired and trusted devices and re-added, but made no difference. I also get an alert telling me to update my google play store, i click on it and it takes me to the google play store, where the only option i have is to "deactivate" it, i went to do this in the end and it tells me i need adminstrator rights. But to be honest why would i want to deactivate it anyway?

  • Anonymous

I haven't been able to connect to my email server all day!!! Boo!

  • CHRI55EE

SO unhappy since the latest update. It's playing havoc with my aim card. Telling me randomly unable to download even though I'm not downloading anything. Battery rapidly draining so fast even tho im not using ithe using my phone..
Loads of other issues too..
Not a happy bunny!!

  • Knitting Chick

This update is terrible. My phone battery is dead halfway through the day and it is not even being used!! Now I have to pack a charging cord with me everywhere. My programs will just quit working and I have to shut them down and start up again. My memo app just died and now I cannot get any of the data out of it. Not a happy camper right now.....

  • Stringy

Since update my SD card keeps changing from corrupted, to not being there at all and phone requests I insert a card, or working normally. All since latest update, I loved my phone before this!

  • Anonymous

After update, the pattern lock screen appeared, which I haven't used in a year, used my old pattern but would not open, tried so many time it locked me out, so then I had to enter my password which it also does not recognize, now my phone is completely unusable. No more updates for me.

  • AnonD-544647

What a nightmare! This update made my phone run hot, restart randomly, go real slow, and become unresponsive! I spent so much time deleting things to make room for this phone to update just to find out I was better off NOT updating it! The Galaxy S5 Sport specs say the OS is "only upgradable to v6.0 (Marshmallow)" WHY would you send me Lollipop and RUIN my phone?? It's SO SLOW now and I'm furious with Samsung. My kids all have iPhones and they're always trying to talk me into getting one. I always brag how wonderful my Galaxy S5 is...or WAS... I hate to say it but MY KIDS ARE RIGHT. I'M HEADING TO THE SPRINT STORE TOMORROW FOR A NEW IPHONE!!!!!! Samsung thinks by causing their older phones to slow down we'll be forced to buy a new phone... I bet they'd think again if we all just switched to iphones!! BYE SAMSUNG!!!!

  • Herbert

AnonD-544398, 02 Jun 2016does anyone have any solution to this update problem yet?Delete whatsapp, reboot phone, Ready.
Re-install whatsapp.

  • Tiger

Nick v, 27 May 2016Galaxy S5 works great no problems and is faster now. I'm not sur... moreMakes total sense, wish I remembered that before I updated.

  • AnonD-544398

does anyone have any solution to this update problem yet?

  • AnonD-544398

Zike, 01 Jun 2016After the last update my S5 remains black screen after unlocking... moremines doing exactly the same!!

  • LP

Tina, 02 Jun 2016I loved my phone. It was the best one I ever had a galaxy S5 was... moreMe too! My phone worked perfectly well and now it's error message after error message and lost all my photos on the phone (although they are backed up) but I don't know what to do with it after updates on Friday

  • Tina

I loved my phone. It was the best one I ever had a galaxy S5 was my favorite. Then I did the newest update and now I hate this piece of crap phone!it is slow it freezes it is unresponsive. Its garbage!

  • Zike

After the last update my S5 remains black screen after unlocking it, touch works but screen is black, sometimes can't unlock phone for more than an hour.. Anyone knows any solutions or we have to wait for fixes?