Sony Xperia Z to get Lollipop update next week

05 May, 2015
Sony Philippines confirmed about the Android 5.0 roll out to start in coming few days.

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  • DK

Sony u brought lollipop update for t2&c3 as they are latest! Then why not Zr&zl over Z?? An Update after 6 months from actual release uh!!

  • AnonD-383379

Still patiently waiting for Z3v lollipop update. Please release 5.1 not 5.0 Sony.

  • Alien

roger the builder :), 05 May 2015no it's not ! stop being a waste of space and go comment on the ... moreAndroid 4.4 "KitKat" brought a technology preview of ART, including it as an alternative runtime environment and keeping Dalvik as the default virtual machine.[6][7] In the next major Android release, Android 5.0 "Lollipop", Dalvik was entirely replaced by ART.[8] ---> Wikipedia

  • Nits

Any timeline for Xperia ZR...

  • Anonymous

When lollipop will come to Malaysia?

  • manju

when will we get the lollipop o.s in my xperia zl, i just bought it last year. Thanks

  • @li

A friend of mine had already got the update.

  • kk

Please give it more updates as I bought it last year only and its too expensive please give it huge updates like lollipop and many more

  • roger the builder :)

asdadasfff, 05 May 2015How about xperia e3? yeah of course along with the doro easy 612 and the nokia 3210 ;)

  • asdadasfff

How about xperia e3?

  • roger the builder :)

AnonD-3678, 05 May 2015Lollipop has ART which is significantly faster and more efficien... moreno it's not ! stop being a waste of space and go comment on the new trailer for pitch perfect 2 which comes into cinema sometime this year in cinema ! leave the comments to the top dogs not you hello kitty looking neek

  • AnonD-3678

Lollipop has ART which is significantly faster and more efficient than Dalvik. So, it is very meaningful update

  • mas39

The only problem that I had after updating my Xperia Z Ultra to lollipop was the sound output much lower than before, but I think this will be fixed in the next update.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-373654, 05 May 2015why don't u give the review, loser !!why don't u give the review, loser !!

  • Waz

u wot mate

  • nicholasj

Finally!! I've been waiting this for a long time! My Z3 is already running lollipop and now my Xperia Z is getting it. Hope there won't be many bugs or issues with the update. Please improve the battery life and fix the overheating issue. Thank you!!

  • AnonD-373654

Primark, 05 May 2015An update is always wait and see, that is why most of the time I... morewhy don't u give the review, loser !!

  • anonymouse

AnonD-24213, 05 May 2015Out of interest, has anyone tried flashing his Xperia S to CM 12... moreAll CM builds for Xperia phones always have worse camera quality (compared to stock roms) because the lack of proper camera driver.

  • danu

look lg samsung shame on u samsung u dnt give u r support y u sell u r cell phones note 3 sm-n900 not value no update no update news what date u give nothing middle east uae iran etc y u r note support middle east update lollipop

  • dan

please post asap if ever you encounter problem, ill be waiting for your great news before i download it.