Motorola posts Android 5.1 release notes for 1st and 2nd gen Moto X

06 May, 2015
Also available for the Moto X Pure Edition, the release notes imply that the updates are set to roll out soon.

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I have MOTO G 5.1 version and whenever I opted for update, I see a message that Your

When will I get the UPDATE

  • Algates

let me know, when motog first generation will get the updates for 5.1

  • Rajesh

I have Moto G2nd generation. Currently i am in 5.0.2
If I check system updates, it says there are no updates. I need 5.1 somehow. The apps are restarting in background every otherday with 5.0.2

  • Anonymous

If already our phone has received 5.1 then when will be it updated on 5.1.1 Marshmallow....

  • pritam

Mk, 01 Sep 2015Moto g 1 will get update of 5.1 plz do reply Yes u will surely get 5.1 update in first gen moto g.

  • vj

dkumar, 19 Sep 2015Guys, I am using moto g 1st gen past 1.5 years and no issue have... moream not getting that pblm..but am getting,if i wanna change dataservices goto-->datausuage here i didnt see the both sim to change into other network.its showing from data allowed option didnt show either airtel or aircel something like that.

  • sundaram

downloaded new update but while installing get some error, then it become blank screen, after that so much time restart it became old verion , and it was showing nothing has changed to moto g gen 2.

  • Aditya

I have a moto g (2nd gen) india... I had got 5.0.2 earlier this year in Feb. Just got a stage fright update... But its not installing. Not getting 5.1 update either. When do I expect 5.1 update to come? Please help.

  • Prakash

dkumar, 19 Sep 2015Guys, I am using moto g 1st gen past 1.5 years and no issue have... moreI'm also facing the same issue. Battery is draining like hell. I'm putting on for charge 3-4 time in a day. Before upgrade to 5.1 it used to come for one full day will WiFi always on. I'm planning to downgrade now :(

  • dkumar

Guys, I am using moto g 1st gen past 1.5 years and no issue have faced but three days back I received notification of lolipop 5.1 update and I took update since then my mobile battery is dying like anything, thrice in a day i am putting into charge, right now getting irritate to doing so, felling to through the mobile, is that anybody else also facing the same problem, can anybody suggest me how to come out from battery prob?

  • Gyc

I got 5.0.2 update in my MOTO G2 only today while other devices are awaiting for Android M OS. When are you planning to get away with this 5.0.2 and upgrade to 5.1.1.
Please do it asap.

  • Darwesh

Received Android 5.1 OTA

  • Akhtar

The update 5.1 for moto g1 Not that much improvement please launch the update 5.1.1 please do it soon

  • Anonymous

RatedRVJ, 14 Sep 2015Could u telll what's the size of Android 5.1.1 update??210mb

  • RatedRVJ

Could u telll what's the size of Android 5.1.1 update??

  • arun

thanks motorola team. got 5.5 update now

  • vicky

got 5.1 update 2 days back for moto g first gen india.

  • MrDJ

Yes ... yesterday i also updated my moto g to 5.1. Great update working seamlessly. awesome

  • sankar

i have 5.1 for moto g India

  • Vijay

I have new update receive 5.1 yesterday