Rumor details Galaxy Note 5 as well as Note Edge's successor

07 May, 2015
Some details about these two devices have seemingly been revealed through a new rumor.

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The rumour is not very believable when it claims Samsung plans to make the edge variant lower end. The edge screen is more expensive so if anything it will be more higher end.

My prediction is that it will be just like it is for the Galaxy S6, we'll get a Note 5 and Note5 edge released at the same time

  • AnonD-308243

ok lets go, samy the dramatic hits just keep rollin with em? whats happenin dis time exynos 7422 or 7430 and whats sd 808 doin in the whole mix. man just another cellphone. edge screen or double edge hows abouts no edge? just another one in da mix to robb the public in broad daylight. wait they give dier opinions but it aint matter sammy gon do whats he wants. go for it sammy here ninja take way our money

  • Anonymous

if screen gets less than 6'inch then no buy goodbye samsung

  • Dougie

i want 4 gb ram!

  • AnonD-77635

Maybe they will to keep it the same price as the Note 5(non-edge).

  • AnonD-190634

Damn it it feels sad! just got my note 4 as a gift :( and the worst part is because of that i can't buy any phones for like 2 years and unlike nexus and the stupid version i got i can't install custom roms or get new versions of android :(

  • Anonymous

wow seriously, do NOT make the edge screen like S6 edge. It's very useless. Note 4 Edge's side screen is actually useful, so KEEP IT AS IS!!

  • nm

Exynos 7422 + Qhd + 4gb ddr5 ram. & 16gb storage?

  • AnonD-135230

highly unlikely.

  • No Fan Boy...!

Can't wait for Note 5...!

  • AnonD-312360

Sammy going with an inferior chipset for the edge model! Highly doubtful.