Micro-updates to fix Lollipop issues on Samsung devices

12 May, 2015
Samsung UK had earlier promised to roll out micro-updates to help resolve Galaxy S5 Lollipop update issues.

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  • rgb

Lollipop on my Samsung Galaxy 5 from Verizon seems to have RAM occupancy and POWER problems. Period. The oversubscription of memory causes apps to just be aborted. The battery consumption for my config seems to have most of doubled. I have found some relief by disabling background data access. That stopped the "hot in the pocket" thing, and brought power consumption from abysmal back to just disappointing. This is so sad because the Galaxy had stunning battery life w KitKat. I also deleted or disabled all big memory footprint apps that I dont use. I am on the verge if returning to KitKat. If anyone has other survival tips w Lollipop, do let us know.

This can really trash the Samsung brand in my eyes. It shows how little release testing they, or Verizon, did.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 May 2015Just got Lollipop 5.0 on note 3. Cell Phone signal has gone to n... moresame issues with you bro. i dont have signal anymore. lollipop sucks

  • AnonD-395528

I was having unresponsive power button issues on my s5 with lollipop. I reverted back to android 4.4.2 then did a factory reset. Having updated to BOD3 lollipop then resetting and restoring my data once more, I find all my issues have gone the phones running like a champ. I don't know if this will solve everyone's problems but I hope it helps a few.

  • C8

Anonymous, 12 May 2015The problems are down to Google, Samsung is simply speeding up t... moreI'll be happy when I get what I am paying for instead of this crashing nonsense of an os. #GoogleLollipopSucks

  • right

chas, 13 May 2015Lollipop stinks!!! I want my old colors & formats back.I agree. Lollipop is total trash. Terrible garbage of an update. I hate the colors , look and feel. Kitkat was much better and not laggy. Also my wifi went from 3 megs per second to 486 kbps. Wtf!! I want my Kitkat back. Samsung can go suck on their lollipop. S4 user.

  • eugibat

my phone loading slow when i update

  • gayle

Lollipop update on my Note 3 is terrible. WiFi hardly works at all. My advice..don't update until a fix !!

  • stephy25

Anonymous, 12 May 2015I've gone back to kitkat on my galaxy alpha, lollipop was compl... moreHow did you go back to kit kat

  • AnonD-376372

When is the expected update for the Galaxy Grand Max going to come?

  • nayyab

i have s4 gti9500 nd i still waiting for lollipop update here in pakistan when will i get any suggestions

  • chad

please fix my xperia z1 after my updates there is no signal anymore.

  • chas

Lollipop stinks!!! I want my old colors & formats back.

  • daps

AnonD-394705, 12 May 2015I got mines for the G900H S5 a couple of days now.How many bugs did it fix? Still have battery drain?

  • SDKforLumia

And why no updates for S3 Neo Dual SIM in Pakistan?
Eff you Samsung!
This is what you call product support??

  • AnonD-394705

I got mines for the G900H S5 a couple of days now.

  • Anonymous

Just got Lollipop 5.0 on note 3. Cell Phone signal has gone to no bars where I sit at from 3-4 bars with kitkat. Also wireless connections has gone from 4 bars down to only 2 bars right next to the wireless router. Even did a factory reset on phone after upgrading....frustrating

  • AnonD-271179

i hope they make it quick

  • AnonD-196068

I am Note 3 owner. First they take months to release 5.0,0, not even 5.0.1.or 5.0.2, after 5.1 is out. Lets not also forget 5.0 had known issues almost right from the outset which Samsung must have known about unless they are totally clueless. Somehow I doubt that. Now they graciously are going to give us micro updates. How about at least 5.1 if not 5.1.1 which is now also out. I have actually seen issues with 5.0 on my phone that I did not see with 4.4.2 so the known issues certainly should have been known about. So I now have to ask what exactly are Samsung playing at!?

  • popup andy

my s4 has just received its lollipop micro update

  • Anonymous

The_Newtype, 12 May 2015I think it's great that Samsung is releasing such updates, but t... moreThe problems are down to Google, Samsung is simply speeding up the fix, be happy.