HTC One ME9's metal frame gets pictured in leaked render

19 May, 2015
The upcoming and oft-leaked Android-running handset will feature a polycarbonate back, however.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2015Spamming high end phones is more of a Samsung thing. Nokia didn'... morethey make decisions which are kinda as bad nokias were tho

  • Anonymous

AnonD-274519, 20 May 2015Seems like HTC is trying hard to do the "Nokia" thing ... moreSpamming high end phones is more of a Samsung thing. Nokia didn't release a flagship after another within the same year to screw their owners.

  • AnonD-274519

Seems like HTC is trying hard to do the "Nokia" thing with their devices.

  • db

This is the 4th phone with 5.2 inch screen of the latest. Why can't htc vary the screen size to lik 5.7 and 5.9 instead of stucking on 5.2 inch.

  • Tim BUtku

What is the likely cost?

  • Li Chang

Massive fail

  • zahor

so boooooooring

  • Anonymous

Does it have a dual sim option?

  • Sascrotch

Hash, 19 May 2015I think this is going to be a gamechanger for HTCYeah it will end their game and run them straight into the ground.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-293750, 19 May 2015For the people that think this is a bad strategy for HTC...You o... moremate, i dont disagree with you. but i will say HTC marketing is bad

  • AnonD-349175

Does HTC still have that BLACK BAR and that pathetic camera in this model as well ? If yes, then at least I am not going for it.
Else, I am a die hard fan of HTC Sense.

  • LLL

Would we be able to remove back cover and get removable battery this time??

It happen all over again. The awful naming scheme f HTC is coming back

  • AnonD-215746

looks like the HTC logo has been removed on this phone. yeah!

  • SuN

HTC really have a naming issue...One, OneM, OneM9, One M9Plus, One ME9, One ME9Plus...nobody doesn't understand anything anymore....

  • AnonD-322292

Why they are releasing so much models only for Asia? One ME9, One M9+ and One E9+...this is crazy really. I like a lot the Sense 7 interface and its themes but here in Europe I can get only the One M9 which is bellow the S6/S6 Edge and G4 overall. I was hopping that HTC will bring the E9+ officially but the chances are nil...In the end I guess I will buy the G4 as I like more a 5.5" screen vs. a 5/5.1" one.

  • AnonD-293750

For the people that think this is a bad strategy for HTC...You obviously dont know anything. HTC is selling their device wwhere it is the most popular to money and not lose it shipping it elswhere up thier rep in thier home town.
3.If you want it buy it. plain and simple.
The more you buy a product the more they make.
if you dont buy the product, but youre constantly critiquing my work, I just wont sell it to you any more. I make more money at home anyway.

  • Kie

maybe it's a revamped M9 with a SD 810, with Sony sensor camera

  • AnonD-379461

Don't know what happens to htc m9+ is not for European market and there is not news of e9+ and now this new phone.
very bad strategy

  • gw504saints

It just seems me that HTC just don't what to put out the phone we want.

5.5 display, fingerprint scanner, 805 or 810 snapdragon, metal frame, upgraded camera. Is this too muck to ask for.