Android 5 Lollipop now seeding on Samsung Galaxy A7

27 May, 2015
Samsung began seeding Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on Galaxy A7, Russia is the first to get it.

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  • Anonymous

When is the update for galaxy a7 is going to come its nearly 3 month of buying this phone and its update still not arrived

  • Ali Amjas

we are waiting for update lollipop in pakistan. please samsung give us

  • Ezey

When is the actual date for lollipop android version in samsung A7 release for malaysia? ?

  • Aizen

Got a a7 black...awesome the fronts all black like im holding a xperia phone...

But what i dont understand is that a7 is not yet with lollipop...ive been waiting for the update...when will it get the update here in the philippines

  • magic

AnonD-445683, 28 Sep 2015I realize that samsung will release the update in the first day ... morer u sure about it??

  • Anonymous

a7 ......update plsss

  • AnonD-445683

I realize that samsung will release the update in the first day of the month so I'm waiting that will a7 be update on October 1?. Let's wait together

  • pop

When it will get in india? It would be available or makes fool to the people by samsung company?

  • AnonD-445535

hahahahah only
iam egyption :/ :(

  • Rask

Hi Everyone,

Lollipop update is available in below site.... I took Russian feed and installed and it's working like charm...

  • satish

AnonD-444194, 24 Sep 2015dont buy any samsung mobiles others comnies are avalible in lo... moreI also agree

  • AnonD-444194

dont buy any samsung mobiles
others comnies are avalible in lolipop and samsung a7 are not avalible in lolpop version i am also use samsung a7 because i hope this mobile update in lolipop but my price wrost

  • Nandu

I want samsung a7 lollipop plz to me


My phone is Samsung galaxy a7 gold I am writing update to lollipop android version

  • Ravi Ntr Nbk

Galaxy A7 Upgraded to Lollipop Process Done In India ?
Please Tell Me Anyone plz plz

  • Jboy

Im from philippines when can i upgrade my samsung a7 to andriod 5.0.2?

  • Dave

AnonD-439828, 11 Sep 2015Samsung please give lollipop 5.0.2 for galaxy a700 H
I'm from Israel and I have the Galaxy a700h when I will get the lollipop version and who I need to contact to get the version ?

  • asmakanum

Nizam, 20 Sep 2015Please lollipop update A700 Samsung A700

  • Nizam

Please lollipop update A700

  • Abdul aziz

AnonD-434721, 29 Aug 2015I got the lollipop update on the first day I got a7. I live in P... moreHow did u get lollipop update did u buy it from pak or from some where else