Micromax Unite 2 starts getting Lollipop update

30 May, 2015
Sized at around 413MB, the over-the-air (OTA) update brings Android 5.0 to the entry-level handset.

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  • RR

I updated my mobile micromax unite2 a106 8gb model kikkat to lollipop . Now i facing problem less application storage. i have heard i micromax Care they r updating lollipop with application storage to 4.97 . is it right .please help me....

  • Anonymous

yesterday i updated my unite 2 into lolipop. Its grt. After update it is giving around 4.9 gb space for apps.
Trust me lolipop is way better than kitkat. Plz dnt update urself go to nearest care. It just takes 15minutes to them with no risks. Enjoy lolipop i became a fan of it...

  • Vijay Joshi

JUST Factory reset your phone after update to lolipop and all apps install with no problems... NO memory problems

  • Sarnavo

Friend i upgrade my unite2 8gb model to lollipop by myself. I need to increase my ram .If go to service center they will increase the ram or not. If they increase what will be the Cost to increase the ram ??
Itbis still in warranty period.
Please reply fast

  • giri

amey, 21 Jun 2015Please help me In my micromax unite 2 the upate is not shown i... morei am using 4 gb unite i am getting notification of update to 5.0 but when i setting>about>update
at there it shows me up-to-date
i can't update to L

  • amey

Please help me
In my micromax unite 2 the upate is not shown in software update plzz give me solution to update to lollipop version
Thank you!

  • AnonD-408366

AB, 16 Jun 2015please visit your nearest micromax service center ,they give all... moreI upgraded to lollipop today, It shows 894 MB of apps memory. And I visited to Service Center they told me they can only reverse to KitKat, but cant increase apps memory. Can you please tell me where u visited or please email me for solution at suparthasinchan@gmail.com

  • yo yo ash

Micromax care update my mobile but he uploaded tab version camera and front speaker and back speaker is not working

  • Sid

Abi, 16 Jun 2015Dont update !! Lollipop is smooth nd fast but app members ry goe... moreHi !! I updated it to lollipop and i faced the similar problem. Contact nearest micromax service centre. It works !!!

  • Rahu

After Lollipop update sim cards are not detecting!

Please help me!

  • AB

ab, 18 Jun 2015Dear, After updation to lolipop are the apps moving to external... morei have 4.97gb for app storage after update to lollipop for unite2 but this app canot move to external memory storage, but nearly 5gb for app storage is suficiant so we does not required move the app to external memory storage and especialy please dont update using mobil network or wifi it gives you some problem after update to lollipop because before i also update my mobil using mobil network that gives me problem like storage (only 900 mb for app storage)so i move to the micromax service center they solved my problem and they make my phone nearly 4.9gb for app storage .and lollipop update gives you more internet speed compare to kitkat so lollipop is good

  • ab

AB, 16 Jun 2015please visit your nearest micromax service center ,they give all... moreDear,
After updation to lolipop are the apps moving to external memory? And what is the avilable space for apps in ram?
Pl reply to antaryami26@gmail.com. because I want to update my A106.

  • MkM

kusj, 16 Jun 2015Never upgrade ur micromax unite to Lollipop . . . It Really Suck... moreI updgard to lolipop is 2or3apps acpeted but kitkat is better than so that kitkat is ram space is1gb or lolipop updgard is ram less it is bad apps .

  • Anonymous

Julai jala, 17 Jun 2015how s it lalipop software pls help menetwork problem are faced after updateing android l

  • Kaushal

pls help me. My phone is very hang. I remove sd card.

  • Julai jala

how s it lalipop software pls help me

  • Abi

Dont update !! Lollipop is smooth nd fast but app members ry goes all the way down .. Now all my apos are gone but space us not free .. Cant install any .. And now default storage is phone memory instead if sd card .. Cant change it :( ... What should i do ?? Please help ...

  • kusj

Never upgrade ur micromax unite to Lollipop . . . It Really Sucks when all u can keep is only 4. apps
Kitkat is a lot better beleive me

  • AB

Raj, 10 Jun 2015Never update its kill your phone. The apps memory is drained. I ... moreplease visit your nearest micromax service center ,they give all solutions for that problem, because i also facing same problem that is storage space. unite 2 have only 900 mb storage space ,after i visit to service center and i solved my problem one day before now my mobil app storege is 4.9 gb so its my request to unite 2 user dont update kitkat to lollipop using mobile network or wifi but update lollipop in service center now my unite2 without have any problem with lollipop

  • minu

same problem with all the updater are facing,shortage of space though my SD card free with 7.53 gb and internal also.What can I do now for smooth lolipop running.