Samsung B5722 and C6112 DuoS come with twice the calling power

11 November, 2009
The Samsung Duos line is about to get two new members - the B5722 and the C6112. The couple is a regular looking touch phone and a slider, but each one works with two SIM cards simultaneously, which...

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  • Anonymous

how to activate sim1 for this phone there is no setting for activation for sim1 but we can able to process sim2

  • Amit

chandu, 11 Mar 2010Hi I am using this mobile(c6112). i am not recived messaes,... moreWhat is the solution. I am also facing the same problem.

  • Bilmah

The samsung c6112 has the best slide which is firm and smooth,otherwise it is very slow

  • sandhaanam

I would like to buy a duel SIM mobile. Could any one advice me? with all facilitues.

  • SP

I have recently bought C6112. I is having various problems.
1. You can not change Security Keyguard Timimg.
2. There is no Slider Setting. If u somehow slide down the phone during call, it will get disconnected.
3. Keys are really Hard.
4. There is no call silent key. You have to minimize volume to make it silent when call comes.
5. You can not really customize your desktop. A huge Date will cover up your desktop.

Otherwise looks are great for this phone.

  • Senthil

Does this mobile has slider settings??
I am using this mobile for the last one month, and i find it difficult when the application watever am using gets off when i slide down.... too pathetic yaar :(

  • D

its looking great,i liking to have high features mobile i ever saw

  • DSB

Does it has a huge delay when writing a text message?

  • chandu

I am using this mobile(c6112).

i am not recived messaes, this messages go to spambox, and suddnly its restart the mobile plese solve my problum

  • Anonymous

about SAR in dual sim phones: there is two opportunities 1. phones with two transmitters ( samsung and upcoming LG) at standby both are working, but if one is used, second one is busy. 2. models with one transmitter ( almost all chinese models, russian FLY) both lines are avalable for incoming connections, but using one, second will be out of coverage. so, anyway when you are calling or using data tranfer SAR will be the same as you are using regular phone. at standby SAR depends on number of transmitters. anyway two sim model in near future will not be as functional as mono sim... no 3g ( only one is acer dx900), no data and voice tranfer, no call switching between sim.

  • needz

When c6112 getting released, this cell looks great to me! I love it!


This phone is almost fine if it has WLAN and 3g. And, well, if it's Nokia. I don't trust Samsung handyphones. But kudos to this idea. It will be handy to those who have multiple phones.

  • Andrei

I am sceptical with these kind of Dual SIM phones because of their SAR values, which i heard that they are double in comparison with the single SIM ones. Is that true??? :(

  • Ray

Anyone can tell me how Samsung name their product?? It's getting nonsense how they make the model number. Getting confused. Can they make all Duo-SIM phones with D-series like D780/D980?

  • Anonymous

maybe its me but these phones are supposed to be more advanced than the b5702 and yet i feel the b5702 is a better phone. dual quad band and 3mp camera.

  • Connie

Is it my imagination or is Samsung just getting better and better?

  • Kal

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2009Samsung is the winner for making crap phones. People likes it be... moreLOL! The 'great' Se fan is moaning here too!!! Dude if you have brain you would know why they can make it affordable. Unlike others Samsung makes most of their stuff, they have a good cash flow, they are making profits in each quarter....and if it's cheap that's great for us, the customers. Why can't other major manufacturers dare to make dual-sim phones? Ever asked yourself? Do that before making yourself so silly.

  • Gediminas

Kudos to Samsung for pushing the market in the right direction, but products have yet to improve a lot.

When a top-level smartphone with an decent OS start to take two SIM cards, I'll consider one seriously. But now getting a dual-sim phone invariably means downgrading in all other aspects.

  • bosun99uk

The B5722 looks like something that should have a diff OS i.e Android,S60 or BADA.

I could get B5722 for a second phone to test the efficiency of other networks. But i cant use it as my main phone---- too basic.

  • Anonymous

I want a phone with 3, 4, 5, 6 SIM cars to use many 3G internet links turning the phone on a real internet acess point.