Analysts: Galaxy S6 duo reach 50M sales by the end of the year

02 June, 2015
It already beat the S5 sales, it may even top the iPhones if Samsung S6 edge manufacturing meets demand.

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  • joe sHmoe

Well you look at that.

  • AnonD-365011

This article points out that S6 outsold S6 Edge, meaning there was a shortage of manufacturing units assembling S6 Edge. I am very optimistic that S6 duo will sell a lot like priming S3 a few years ago. Most people prefer S6 Edge. When it gets cheaper and more amount of this shipped, S6 duo will easily reach the said mark.....^0^. In conclusion, S6 duo started slow, but they are ready to sell like those hotcakes from Star Bucks. Must be fun bringing S6 to a Star Bucks for dining with friends....^________^

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2015lol yeah sure. by the end of 2088.I wouldn't be surprised if it's soon. The more crippled a phone is, the more it's liked. As long as it is shiny enough, of course. Sheeple don't want smartphones, they want jewels.

  • Anonymous

lol yeah sure. by the end of 2088.