Say hello to BenQ-Siemens

07 June, 2005
It is official now. Today the Taiwan based BenQ Group acquired Siemens AG's Mobile Devices Business. BenQ will gain the exclusive right to use the Siemens trademark for mobile phones...

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  • Andre

With the union of benq and siemens will siemens mobiles (for example siemens s75) go out of market?

  • Leonardo M. Regalado

I just bought the AX72 Siemens which is the entry-level of the merging of Siemens and BenQ. I like the phone especially the basic needs of mostly anyone which is alarm, stopwatch, repeat reminder and countdown timer.
However, I notice that for normal creation and sending of SMS, the battery will last for just one (1) day.
My advice to the newly-formed company is to make batteries for their incoming mobile phones with a minimum of 800 mAH and always incorporate the basic features mentioned above.
I firmly believe that BenQ-Siemens can compete head-to-head with Nokia.

Thank you for allowing me to give my creative comments.