New Nokia 105 is a $20 featurephone for the masses

03 June, 2015
The upgraded version of the popular Nokia 105 now brings even more functionality for as little as $20.

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  • Sunny

I have mny trings but n0kia 215 can't suptrd uc browse

  • ArtificiallyYours

I'll probably sound like a "hipster" pushing this forward, but there's something to be said about Nokia/MS not pushing these kinds of phones with generic quad band and 3G in Americas.

It is saddening that we cannot get a phone of this particular well adjusted and very familiar network, without access to Series 30+ derivatives capable of free messaging. I hate going to ebay and seeing an Xpressmusic go for 80$ despite having the burden of proprietary chargers (I have enough of those, thank you).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2015I want a feature that has 3g, 4g, lte, wifi, android, full hd P-... moreseriously???????

  • Anonymous

Smile, 04 Jun 2015You know what is a feature phone????????/I want a feature that has 3g, 4g, lte, wifi, android, full hd P-OLED touchscreen with cinema 3d, 8mp 12x optical zoom rear camera with dslr like controls + full hd video capture, optical image stabilizer, 12x zoom microphone, xenon-led flash combination, 5mp front camera, 3gb ram, mp3 player, fm radio, full hd video player with divx codec, 32gb internal memory, bluetooth, dlna, miracast, dual micro sd card slot(1tb max for each slot) and triple micro sim( 3g/4g/lte for sim 1 and 2, 720p satellite tv for sim 3).

  • Smile

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2015I agree that 2g is almost useless now. It's hard to do anythin... moreFYI... A PHONE is basically for calling & messaging & 2G CAN DO THAT..

  • Smile

WhiskeyHotel99, 03 Jun 2015I just want a feature phone like this with wifi and good camera ... moreYou know what is a feature phone????????/

  • ...

sony ericsson had best java phones you are better off buying old used sony ericsson than this

  • Anonymous

This phone is like going back to the early 2000s stone age era, when people were using stones as tools.

  • AnonD-122065

Why no more Series 40 & higher.
Series 30 is difficult to use.
I would rather use other brands than Series 30.

  • Anonymous

me, 03 Jun 2015I'm thinking of future phone with fiture tex, call, mp3, radio a... moreagree,,,,future phone that long lasting battery,,,with message, call, wifi sharing ability,,,,,,and 1 more,,,,,water prooooofff,,,,that wil b owsam,,,,

LoL is that Symbian or Meego OS?

  • Dennis the Menace

I'm going to get the wife one for her birthday. She got me a rubbish christmas present so I want to get even!

  • ufkm

AnonD-174449, 03 Jun 2015Correct, No gps No W@P only a radio to listen to the radio on th... moretheres actually people who can survive without the phone, and this one is intended for people who dont like all the things that phones have right now, so if u dont like it stfu and dont buy it

  • Ayos!

this is what i need...a long lasting and affordable flashlight with voice calling and messaging function for emergencies...

  • AnonD-174449

AnonD-383472, 03 Jun 2015Good thinking... You can play games until you perish :p Optu... moreCorrect, No gps No W@P only a radio to listen to the radio on the news on the people who are searching for you,and you carnt even shout out for help,thid phone is as much use as a tin of Beans with No Tin opener lol,what a joke,its like going back to the 90s !

  • hisei

AnonD-174449, 03 Jun 2015NICE,when your stuck in the desert or jungle and you got no sign... moreLol, if you're lost in desert or jungle, playing games is the least you wanna do. Water and food comes first.

FM transmitter on old Nokia phones will be useful in this case.

  • hisei

Looks nice, but too much bezel, lol

  • ArtificiallyYours

I sincerely hope Nokia considers releasing these for Cricket and T-Mobile. Nokia is sorely missed in the feature phone department for many adults, not just the senior audience or the disabled. I also hope this means a 3G upgraded 130 is on the horizon. 135 perhaps? I'd love to own something like that, and no I do not consider Microsoft's ownership a bad thing...

  • lol

this is microsoft made, not nokia made. microsoft use nokia name until 2016.

nokia already stated they won't sell phone except other company use their brand name

  • Anonymous

Alex, 03 Jun 20152G only phone with only 2 frequencies. Pretty much useless in 2... moreI agree that 2g is almost useless now.
It's hard to do anything with a smartphone if there is no 3g or 4g-lte.