Samsung US spills the beans on the Galaxy S6 Active

03 June, 2015
Samsung uploaded the support page for the Galaxy S6 active, its specs and manual are live too.

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  • AnonD-77635

The Note 4 doesn't even have a battery that size.

  • abba

AnonD-64458, 03 Jun 2015I am a Samsung user who never missed any S and Note series, wher... moreIf youve never missed any of the s and note series why would you not get a s6? If you have the money to have so many phones why not get a 64gb version for larger storage?

  • FreeseGame

So awesome Sammy. Luv u. Xx
Encoded location - rCms, the often imitated but never duplicated, FG

  • AnonD-64458

I am a Samsung user who never missed any S and Note series, where as this year I've didn't even think in the S6...Samsung's best features was the removable battery and the sd card slot, and this year they just disappeared. I skipped the S6 for those 2 main things (because I need them) and as long as I see they are not selling so good...and now this stupid S6 Active!!! Previous rumors said to be 3500+ battery with sd card slot, I was waiting for it, and now just another junky phone into the market...I'll keep on my Note 4 (in my opinion the best phone on market)...waiting the Note 5. I hope they don't act so smart and make it a copy of S6 otherwise....RIP Samsung

  • AnonD-110055

Is not it supposed to be the battery 3500 mAh !!!

  • Anon

Except for the small battery and the non-expandable storage, this seems like a dream phone

  • prince

sounds good for adventure people

  • Anonymous

2550 mAh battery? No, thank you.