Standardized security might waive Android Pay transaction fee

06 June, 2015
Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. standards may prevent Google from getting transaction fees.

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  • Anonymous

Wait. Are we use it uses tokenization like Apple? This sounds like they are waving the fee...but instead could get all the purchases data.

  • Gibby

If Visa & Mastercard & banks in general are providing free payment apps (as I've been using for quite a while now) why would anyone use a payment system that occurs a fee?
Only those dedicated to a certain fruit type variety of devices would be so simple.

  • AnonD-85193

Yep Google wallet was around 3 years before Apple pay, neither has really taken off tho.

  • AnonD-70006

AnonD-77464, 06 Jun 2015"Apple Pay has been at the forefront of the technology.&quo... moreI've been using my banks app for over a year, still no sign of Apple pay in Canada. I see this as playing catchup, same as always for Apple.

  • AnonD-77464

"Apple Pay has been at the forefront of the technology."

I was using Google Wallet way before the iPhone 5 came out (not even talking about the 5s).
How has it been in the forefront?

  • Ethos Evoss

I don't know why google wallet is not popular in the world..
Only in US .. And it is so old..

I'd rather use my debit card than Android Pay, Apple Pay or similar.

  • Anonymous

Lol so what the hell is card use of

I don't care as lo g as it a u ified system across the world and easy for banks and people to use and merchants don't get shafted with fees.