HTCís revised Q2 2015 guidance reveals an upcoming net loss

06 June, 2015
The Taiwanese manufacturerís revenue in May has declined considerably compared to April.

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  • Anonymous

The fact that I can't get one of HTC's prime products (E9+), announced 3 months ago, which would have been my first HTC, tells me something about this company. It's so regional. A product exclusive to Japan, another sold only in China, and any stock leftovers shipped to India. What the heck. Now I'm going to buy the LG G4, announced one month ago and already globally available.

The only HTC phone I ever liked because it had some unique features was the Touch Diamond dating back to 2008.
Everything they introduced after that didn't make the grade.
And yes, their after sales service must be about the worst there is!

  • Anonymous

Daizy, 07 Jun 2015mado m9 is hvng 2k display... it ws m8 that had 1080p...make ur ... moreDaizy: It in fact does NOT have 2K display. You can view the M9 on HTC's page on gsm. However, the M9+ which I mentioned does have the 2K display. However, it is only available in China. The M9+ also has a number of other features that are lacking on the plain M9...hence my comment. You should compare the two.­91&idPhone2=6977 JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING IS MADE BETTER...So guess what phone I'm not going to buy? The M9 and the + is only available in Asian markets, no where else.

  • PKC

Just get rid of that UGLY BIG BLACK LOGO BAR and make the screen bezel less. You are right back to the competition.

HTC, please listen to the consumers. Change the UI, its smooth but boring...... You are not iPhone.... so please.....

  • chanikya

The cost of mid range phones are very costly and it has a poor doesn't give updates quickly for the mobile systems.all other companies are giving very quickly

  • Anonymous

I think HTC's iss king of smartphone. Smartphone from HTC allways best quality comparation other smartphone. I hopw HTC's has strategy and vision in the next time to archive goal...

  • Ditty

More expensive top phones which sometimes lack of functions, like e.g. worst campera in among other competitors, non-removable battery and so on. Next thing low and mid HTC phones are expensive, more then LG and and Chinese companies, Samsung offers a wide range of products, Apple have devoted fans. What individual characteristics have HTC, in what they are better than others ?!

  • AnonD-387016

Daizy, 07 Jun 2015mado m9 is hvng 2k display... it ws m8 that had 1080p...make ur ... moreThe M9, 2k display? Nop

DISPLAY Type: Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size: 5.0 inches (~68.4% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels (~441 ppi pixel density)
Multitouch: Yes
Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 4

"make ur facts right :)"

  • sk

your htc phones are totally like a wastage of money . i give you one advice that you just shut your company and phones in the garbage which has no use , and it is just like a uncurable disease. bcoz i am totally fed up with your phones . it spends there more time in service centers rather than with me

  • Daizy

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2015Of course you had a loss!! 2K screens is in right now but you st... moremado m9 is hvng 2k display... it ws m8 that had 1080p...make ur facts right :)

  • AnonD-278195

why not improve the organizational structure of the company

  • AnonD-227172

HTC failed because of the flat HTC Sense. how much i love to use the original butterfly with sense 4+ rathen then the butterfly 2. HTC needs revolution in User Interface. rest all is at it's place.

  • AnonD-59657

In order to save HTC, the current leadership needs to be replaced! This new CEO does not know what is she doing!

  • GRX

Damn you HTC!! Just make a cheap phone with mid-range specs and you'll be back in the game. Sighs

  • AnonD-189020

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2015HTC is destined to fail. Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers ... moreNokia failed because they were just dealing with phones. BlackBerry is going through the problem because they only manufacture phones, So HTC to o may go with them

  • Anonymous

HTC is destined to fail. Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers are spamming the market with cheap phones. At least Samsung and LG can sell parts of the smartphone (screen, ram and memory) to stay afloat, but HTC has none of them.

They just should kill their smartphone business. It is basically not profitable at all.

  • AnonD-265341

That's what happens when you realese a crappie phone like m9 when the competition is so steep.

  • Anonymous

Of course you had a loss!! 2K screens is in right now but you stuck with 1080p fine whatever. But then release a phone that has all of the stuff the m9 didn't but make it only available in China. Guess what phone I am no longer going to buy? The M9!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-59657, 07 Jun 2015No surprised! Charge users with so-called premium devices but p... moreYou're right!!for all these,im not an htc fan

  • AnonD-119666

stop trying htc. u made me cry..